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15 Names That People Feel Are Good For Babies But Not For Adults

There is nothing more stressful and difficult than picking the name for your baby.

When you are expecting, the first thing many people start to think about is baby names. You go through dozens upon dozens of names that you like and dislike, hoping to find the perfect one. But, there are some names that work for babies, but not as they get older.


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Many Reddit users share that "Gary" is definitely not something that people choose for their babies, but no one really knows what to do with a Gary who is older.

Gary is a dry name and someone you don't want to hang out with.

Ethel and Mildred.

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"Ethel and Mildred are names given to people who were born 74 years old. They were never babies," said Boring-Pudding.

Others agreed that some women's names are far too old school for babies today and even women in their 20s or 30s.


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Swordfish1929 said you cannot convince him that "Alan" is a good name for a boy.

Many say that Alan's are always bald men who work in accounting and want to get a divorce from their wife who takes all of their money for spa weekends.


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There's no world where Bob is a baby's name. Or, an adult name.

Maybe you name your baby Robert and call him Bob for short, but you can't just name a person just "Bob." It's so...terrible.


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zeanomourph says they have a nephew who is "Little baby Fraiser." Fraiser will always remind me of the TV show, which is a way older man who gives advice to people over the radio. Maybe when he's in his 50s it'll work. But, not in their teens or even 20s.


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"No power in this vast universe can convince me that there are baby girls out there named Gladys. Nope. Gladys is at her youngest a 43 year old woman with a tabby cat, an obscene amount of newspapers in her house and a hidden penchant for the arts. She vaguely smells of cigarettes, but is overall a nice lady who people misconceive as creepy at first. But a baby? Nope. Never. My brain does not allow," wrote ApprehensiveStatus13.


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One Reddit user shared that she knew someone who named their daughter "Tiara," probably after the TV Show "Toddlers and Tiaras," but things that when she hits 40, she'll have a rough go at it with a name like "Tiara."


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Despite the widespread popularity of "The Wizard of Oz," many believe that Dorothy can be cute for a baby, but they go from baby to grandmother overnight. There's no 30-year-old Dorothys walking around. Can't convince us.


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"I only know grown men named Cody and no children. I am an 80s child and there were tons of Codys (Codies?) Now Cody is the name of two of my friends’ ex-husbands. It once had a “hyper-kid-obsessed—with-poking -dead-birds-at-The-bus-stop”feel to me , and now they have a more “Alcoholic -40 -year -old -trucker -bad -at -marriage” vibe to me. The Codys/Codies/Codi are not okay," said Acrobatic-Minute3618.


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Joey is an adorable name for a baby boy. It's sweet, it's cute, and it's easy. But, many Reddit users argue that Joey should not be an adult's name. Plus, no one wants to have their child be like Joey from Friends.


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"My first-grade teacher's first name was Sylvia and at first I thought it was the most beautiful name ever, maybe because it sounds sort of like "silver." Anyway, she was mean as sh*t and ruined the name for me," said sirdigbykittencaesar.


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Some people argue the new, fun, interesting names that people are coming up with for their newborns are cute and unique as babies, but when they get older it's not that great. People can't pronounce them or even spell them.


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"That is funny, I can't see Tabitha as an adult name, because it is the name of my little sister's best friend. We're adults now and she has 4 kiddos of her own, and I still have trouble not thinking of her as a child," said AtheneSchmidt.


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Some say that Daisy is a cute, sweet old grandmother. And, can even be an adorable baby. But, a grown woman named Daisy does not work well. Daisy as a 40-year-old businesswoman? Nope, doesn't happen.


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"There's a family near us who is just SO proud of their new grandbaby, whose actual first name is Charlie. No matter how "proper", "formal", or "dignified" he'll ever want to be when he grows up, he'll never be Charles -- his name is Charlie," said DeeDee_Z.

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