Quotes For People Simply Just Trying To Get Through The Day

I'm all about self-improvement and trying to make each day better than the one that preceded it. But the truth of the matter is that all that effort can be downright exhausting.

Sometimes, life can feel like a run-out-the-clock kind of situation. So in those moments when you find yourself wondering if the week will ever end, here are some quotes that will help you through your day.

Life is a highway.

I'm absolutely in love with this metaphor. I feel like even on my best days, I'm still fighting the elements and just trying to keep the path clear and my eyes on the road in front of me.

The real villain reveals itself.

Have you ever actually tried plugging formulas into an Excel spreadsheet? It is the closest thing to hell on earth that you could possibly imagine. It never works when you want it to, and the rare times that it does — you have no idea how you were able to make it so.

How fast things change.

When I was a kid, I wouldn't allow anyone to tell me what to do. Now that I'm an adult, at least in theory, I would long for someone to come along, wave a magic wand, and right my ship.

Can we all agree that kids are creepy?

I feel like innately, they know what they're doing — even when they're just toddlers. How else could you possibly explain away this behavior, unless they were demons? But kids couldn't really be demons...could they?