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Mom Divides Opinions After Saying She'll Be A 'Cool Mom' And Host Pre-Drinks

Many parents have their rules and the ways that they want to raise their kids.

From early on when they become moms, women know how they want to parent and do things for their children. They read parenting books, consult blogs, even have mom friends who share advice and tips. But, some women like to set rules for themselves from their own experiences.

Growing up, many of our parents turned a blind eye to many things.

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Growing up, some of us grew up with parents who turned a blind eye to things we did in high school and in our teenage years. Many of us were in places where we did things and hid them from our parents.

Now, when people have their own children, they may look back on their own childhoods to see what they might want to change.

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Looking back on how we were as children and teenagers, we realize sometimes we were in situations that weren't always great.

And, as parents, we don't want to have our kids "hiding things" and doing things behind our backs.

One TikTok user, Audrey Peters, opened up on how she wants to raise her own kids.

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Not everyone's high school experiences were great.

Some of us were not popular, but we've grown into amazing individuals who made it and can look back and laugh at our youth in full force.

One thing Audrey said is that "you're not allowed to be popular."

Audrey points out that it's "scientifically proven" that people who peak in high school turn out to be big losers down the road.

So, she doesn't want her kids to be "peak" in high school and then failures. Also, she said it's all "character building" to be weirdos.

Another thing she said was her house is the "pre-game" house.

Let's face it, many teenagers drink in high school. However, they drink in high school and hide it from their parents which, can sometimes land them in bad situations like drinking in a park or even in places they're not "allowed" to be.

Audrey said she'd "rather know about it" than not know about it.

The reason behind having her kids "pre-game" at her own house is so that she can "monitor" what they are drinking and what they are doing, rather than having them get sick, roofied, or even arrested for doing bad things.

Other rules she had was "cash only until 18."

The reason behind this one is that kids don't understand the value of money yet and honestly, it's easy to swipe a card, debit, or credit, and not realize how much you are spending. Cash helps them to understand how much they are spending and where.

Some people agreed with her rules.

Many online said these parenting rules are great, and some even agreed with the pre-game rules. Some said "they are going to drink anyway" at least we can "monitor them" and make sure they don't "die."

Others also liked the "cash only" rule.

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Others also liked the cash-only rule because it's important to teach kids the value of a dollar and how to budget and save money if they do want to do things and go places. It helps them to become more responsible.

However others disagreed with Audrey's rules.

Others disagreed, saying that the pre-game rule is "wrong" because it also means that other kids may be coming to your house and drinking, and that's not right to other parents and other families.

And, some thought it was "wrong" to "promote underage drinking."

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Another TikTok user said it may "seem like a cool rule now" to her, because she may not have kids yet, but once she has kids her tone will change, and not want to "promote" underage drinking.

Where do you stand on this?