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Studies Show Rubbing Wasabi On Your Head Could Help Prevent Baldness

Everyone I know has a pretty strong opinion of wasabi, either enthusiastic fans of the spicy paste or staunch haters of everything about it, but maybe their opinions would change if they found out wasabi has more uses other than adorning our sushi orders.

Studies have shown that a number of chemicals found in the wasabi plant are beneficial in the world of hair loss prevention, a natural treatment we never saw coming!

Hair loss is a centuries-old problem.

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More than that, it's existed since the beginning of humankind! It's taken ages to get where we are now, with multiple medical and holistic approaches to combatting it and helping people keep their hair longer, but there's still no singular cure that stops it for good across the board.

However, a newly discovered treatment has begun making waves.

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Though, it is a little bizarre.

According to Sora News 24, Japanese wasabi company Kinin announced the rather curious discovery that wasabi helps prevent hair loss. Not only that, but it helps regrow already lost hair as well.

The application of this treatment may not be what you first expect either.

You won't have to eat wasabi to get your hair back.

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No, you'll have to rub it on your head.

The type of wasabi matters too. You can't just pick up any ol' wasabi paste from your nearest sushi restaurant; instead, you'll need fresh, real wasabi from the wasabi plant itself.

You can cut into the plant and rub the end on your scalp, or grind it into a paste for easy slathering.

Hold on, how does this all work?

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Kinin claims a chemical contained within the leaves of the wasabi plant, named isosaponarin, helps stimulate hair regrowth and helps human collagen production.

Another chemical found in the wasabi plant, 6-MSITC, is also believed to aid hair regrowth.

And is it just Kinin, a wasabi producer, saying these things?

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Nope! There have been studies that support the claims of isosaponarin stimulating hair follicles for regrowth. Not only that, but it's believed that the effects of isosaponarin are three times more potent than other hair-growth products such as Minoxidil.

As an added bonus, 6-MSITC has also been proven to help prevent the growth of breast cancer cells.

That doesn't make wasabi the most convenient treatment.

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Putting aside the extremely strong odor of wasabi, which is sure to make some eyes water if you're sporting it at home, it's also very expensive to get your hands on. Fresh wasabi plants can go for upwards of $80 a pound.

Whether that's worth it is up to you, but if you do try it, be sure come back to us with the results.