Fast Food Workers Share The Menu Items Customers Should Never Order

I have to admit I don't eat fast food too often. I prefer to cook my own food, so I know exactly what goes into it. But occasionally, I will venture out, and on those rare outings, I may stop by a fast food joint.

So I would love to know what food items I should absolutely avoid. And I suppose you would like to know that too, huh? So let's check it out based on some responses from fast food employees that were shared on Reddit.

1. Waffle House Grits

Unsplash | Kim Daniels

"If we are talking health reasons... everything. There is nothing remotely healthy on the menu. Otherwise, I say grits because they can sit for hours, and managers will try to keep them looking fresh even though they cost next to nothing to buy," one user said.

Oh, wow!

2. Coffee At Krispy Kreme

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"Worked at Krispy Kreme for two years. Just so you know, the doughnuts are absolutely fresh — brought in twice a day. Don't order any of the Coffee Bean drinks, though, they never ever change the ice chest," said one former employee.

Thanks for the tip, man.

3. Meat Mountain At Arby's

"This is a sandwich with every type of meat we have in the store. If you wanna look it up, enable safe search," one user said.

Hmm, that doesn't sound all that safe to me, so try it at your own risk.

4. Hot Dogs At The Movie Theater

Unsplash | Jessica Loaiza

"I used to work at a movie theater. Unless things have changed, never order the hot dogs...they sit there for a long time."

That's a good tip. I'll keep that in mind for the next time.

5. Soda

"I worked in a local coffee and donut shop and nobody ever cleaned the soda machines. They were so gross the first time I cleaned them. I asked if anyone knew how to do it and nobody knew, nobody had ever done it," one user said.


6. Long John Silver Baked Cod

"Long John Silvers, 2006, baked cod on a bed of rice. We would microwave it in a paper dish," one user revealed.

I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound right to me. I stay away from the microwave like the plague, hehe.

7. Decaf Coffee At Burger King

"Don’t get decaf coffee at Burger King. Maybe this was just the one I worked at, but we didn’t actually brew any decaf. Whenever someone ordered it, my manager would just have me water down the regular coffee."

That's horrible!

8. Shrimp Entree At Panda Xpress

Unsplash | maggie hung

"Used to work at Panda Express, no real complaints about the ingredients and food prep, but don't buy any shrimp entrees if you actually want to a full meal. They purposely use a smaller serving spoon to make it appear you're getting a lot of food," one user said.

How awful?

9. Cod From Culver's

Unsplash | Joe Dudeck

"The North Atlantic cod fillet from Culvers, it’s not from the North Atlantic, it’s from those s****y Vietnam fish farm waters."

That's not nice. I can't believe the totally lie about this. Thank goodness I've never ordered that.

10. Burgers From Sheetz

Apparently, they're microwaved. The grill marks are fake and the bacon is microwaved, too. Come on! Is anything even real in this world anymore? How can these fast food joints get away with this blatant deceit here, huh?

11. Coffee At AMC Theatres

Unsplash | Krists Luhaers

"Worked at an AMC theater for two years. Do not buy the coffee unless it's early morning when we first open. Otherwise, you're gonna drink coffee that's been sitting out for a solid 5 hours, at least.

Oh, crap!

12. Iced Capp At Tim Hortons

"I worked in several Tim Hortons as a teenager. The Ice Capp machine never gets cleaned. Never ever."

OMG, this one kills me. The iced cap is my absolute favorite summer drink. No wonder it always makes me feel sick, though.

13. Jack in the Box Bacon Cheddar Potato Wedges

[Reddit | u/deleted

"I don't know why anyone orders the bacon cheddar potato wedges. It's fake cheese with fake bacon on fried potatoes. I'm trying to remember the ingredient list on the cheese but I distinctly recall nowhere on the packaging did it say it contained dairy. It also smells like feet," one user said.

OMG! Lol!

14. Shake At McDonald's

"This was back in the day, but my first job was McDonald's. One day we got a call from a sister store asking if we'd had any complaints about our shakes. I said no. Turns out a mouse had died in the machine at some point and had been chewed up by the internal mixer," one former employee said.

I've just died!

15. Pizza Hut Specials

Unsplash | Moti Abebe

"When you order a pizza, look for the specials. On Pizza Hut's website, you could order a large pizza with two toppings for $18. But if you go to the "Deals" tab, that same pizza could be had for $8. They won't apply the discounts for you automatically. Sometimes you gotta look for them," one user said.

Thanks for this awesome tip!

16. Subway's Meat

"All meat all comes packaged. No surprise really. However, when you open up the package of turkey, you get hit with a wave of farts. The turkey smells like real, actual human farts. My manager even warned me about it before I opened my first package."

I'm crying and laughing.

17. Outback Bloomin' Onion

"Used to work as a server at Outback. The bloomin' onion costs around 70 cents to make and they sell it for like eight bucks.

Can you believe that? What an absolute rip-off. I'm definitely not getting fooled like that.

18. All-Day Breakfast At McDonald's

"If you order any of the all-day breakfast items at McDonalds after around 1:00, it will most likely be a few hours old."

That "all-day breakfast" takes a whole other meaning now, huh?

Aren't you glad you read this article before you went out to your favorite fast food joint?

Now, thanks to all these nice people you'll know what not to order. I feel so empowered! On behalf of all of us, I'd like to thank these guys for revealing these nasty secrets, haha.