20 People Who Are Incapable Of Doing What The World Wanted From Them

Everyday life is chock full of tasks that we need to do, with some of them being a little bit more complex than others!

So, from people who left windows open at the worst possible moment to individuals who used bathtubs to questionable ends, here are 20 people who are incapable of doing what the world wanted from them.

What The Hell Were They Thinking With This Clock?

"Hey so what style do you want on this clock?"


"Yes, what? Does that mean that you want a specific style or what?"

"Damn it, I already said yes! Just get to work on it!"

"Found this one."

I mean, would this actually work in any way? I cannot see why it wouldn't, but what I know about ploughing or cars you could write on a pinhead twice.

"To purchase tobacco products, you must be at least 2 (two) years old.

I think that it is about time that we got more toddlers into smoking darts. Time was everyone in kindergarten was having bifter breaks, but not any more. What a damn shame.

"Jonsey and Reilly letting us know exactly what they think of this weather."

Why would they want to go out when there is a nice warm house that they already have access to? There's nothing outside but cold feet and a lack of food!

"There was an attempt to screen poops."

"So, how exactly do you want me to make sure that everything is within those parameters?"

"Here, let me show you..."

"No! Actually, I think that I'll just wing it."

Then What Am I Meant To Be Doing?!

"Look, you wanted me to stop driving accidents on the freeway and I did just that!"

"Yeah, but now no one is driving at all!"

"You never said that you wanted people to be driving."

"Found my $150 quart of ceramic paint tied to a tree at the edge if the woods 10 feet from the driveway. Thanks UPS."

This is definitely a way for them to try and trap a load of arts students in the woods. Don't go anywhere near this paint if you value your life!

"Electricity is back, boss."

I wonder how long it would be before the electricity was back out again when someone inevitably smashes right into this pole. Right on a bend as well, how wonderfully safe of the person who installed this.

"That is a pretty terrible playground design."

Someone was clearly not content with having kids starting smoking and decided that slides needed to be infinitely more dangerous. Someone really has it in for toddlers out there that is for sure!

"This 'S' is clearly upside down."

I would have quite happily looked at this picture and not noticed that anything was wrong if it was not for that little heads up. And now you will join in my annoyance, you are welcome!

"My friend was cooking a frozen pizza."

One frozen pizza enthusiast did posit a reason as to why this might happen, writing, "Pizza needs to be completely frozen and the oven needs to be fully preheated to bake em without pizza pan or stone. Otherwise dough turns to mush and oozes through the rack before it can be baked solid."

Did They Really Not See The Issue Here?

So long as you make it look as though your bike is chained up then that is the most important part of bike security...okay, so that might be a lie but whatever, why make this person feel bad?

"A kid will just see chocolate paint and think, 'Mmm. I'll try that'."

"Worst part is there's actually edible 'paints' designed to decorate chocolates. And I thought this is what it was when. I read 'chocolate paint,'" added someone else.

Watch Out For The Earth Quack!

Everyone who laughed at this sign will have felt bloody embarrassed when they saw the giant duck that had been attacking the skytrain! Never underestimate the devastating power of a giant duck!

"I can't figure out which way to go!"

And yes, I am sure that people will have plenty of jokes about the spelling of this place's name. However, please try and hold them in if you can.

"Nan made these and said, 'veggie pigs in blankets for you!'"

Look, she was halfway there and I suppose you could kind of say that it is the thought that counts. I actually think that these could taste pretty damn good.

Okay, Now Tell Me How You Are Going To Close The Lid...

And to think that someone actually let this mistake happen. They were so close to having this job finished, but managed to screw it up at the very last hurdle.

"Neighbor left their window down and we got a huge snowfall last night."

I dread to think how long it will have taken to clear this car out, never mind how long it would take to get it completely dry again!

"Just some Doritos stuck in the classroom wall."

I just have so many questions as to how this happened. It has to be intentional, but I just cannot work out why anyone would want to do this in the first place?

"Found this in some old school papers. Apparently even 7-year-old me was a smart ass."

Okay, I suppose that they technically did what was asked of them, but I bet that their teacher was pretty peeved at how they handled the situation.

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