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Juice Company Takes Down Ad After Being Slammed By People Online

Many companies today are looking to hire new employees, as many businesses are experiencing staffing issues due to the recent coronavirus pandemic.

Companies and businesses are posting job listings online, signs on their front doors, and even handing out flyers to get people to apply. Some people are running to apply for jobs, while other companies are struggling, so they try just about anything.

Many jobs have "requirements" for new hires.

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All jobs have requirements. They usually post them on their job listing and they oftentimes ask people to have a certain number of years of experience.

Or, maybe they want them to be proficient in a certain field.

Sometimes, however, companies can take things a little too far.

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There are some companies who post-hiring signs that can appear desperate or oftentimes even offensive.

When hiring managers are looking for employees, of course, they want a specific type of employee—but, it's wrong to insult the potential hires before you even meet them, right?

Kreation Organic Juicery recently hung up a hiring sign that seemed a bit outrageous.

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Twitter userJenson Titus shared the job listing online after seeing how ridiculous the listing was and showed the social media world just how outrageous the listing was in itself.

Any customer service job wants a pleasant and "kind" employee to work with customers, but this was a bit over-the-top.

Kreation was still looking for "that special person."

The sign said they needed someone who was "actually available," and the person who has an "open schedule." Apparently, they have to "never cry," and, in addition, they can never be late or have any excuses.

They have to work hard, of course, but also, have "no [expletive]." Oh, also, they have to smile no matter what.

After posting the sign on Twitter, apparently, the company took it down.

It goes to show you that when you showcase the truth behind companies online, people don't necessarily like it.

So, after posting the sign online, the company took it down from the store window not long after.

The company also reached out personally to the original Twitter user who shared the post.

Apparently, the company claims that the HR-hiring manager did "not go through the normal process" for approving the sign, which includes the COO, marketing manager, and the owner. Instead, the "newly hired HR-hiring manager" was trying to hire someone "right" because they were frustrated with the current job market.

The company also said that "they all are what the sign says they don't like."

According to the email, the owner and even the COO say that if the "no crying" was a real job requirement, none of them would be working for Kreation.

The company also said that they made a "new sign" that showcases the important things they need for a new hire.

Some Twitter users decided to have some fun with it.

Some said that the only thing that this company wanted to hire was a robot.

Because there is no way that a normal employee who works in customer service would ever be able to act this way, especially with difficult customers.

After seeing the sign and the email, people began to dig into the company some more.

Turns out, another Twitter employee was Googling a bit about Kreation so they can find out some information about the working conditions of employees.

Turns out, staff members have filed a ton of lawsuits, mainly to grieve failed payment for extra time worked.

And, there were even more issues.

Apparently, one staff member was also harassed and threatened at knifepoint on the job for apparently being homosexual.

So, at the end of the day, there are a lot of crazy things going on within the walls of this company.

If jobs are going to ask for crazy requirements, shouldn't they also be held to a high standard?

If companies want to have a specific type of employee, then there should be a rule that all managers and higher-up employers also hold themselves to a high standard, too.

Seems to me the management here needs work, too.