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15 Of The Worst Examples Of 'Mama's Boys' Women Have Seen

There are some men in the world who are incredibly close with their mothers. Our moms are some of the best people in the world. They give birth to us, raise us, nurture us, and then send us out into the world on our own. But, sometimes that final stage is not so easy. In fact, sometimes, we are so tied to our moms, that we can't break that pact. And, some men struggle so much with it, they're known as "mama's boys."

When your mom comes over to do all of your basic chores.

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"His mum would come over once a week with groceries, toiletries etc., do his laundry, and replace socks and undies when he needed new ones. We were 20 and he barely knew how to take care of himself at all," said rocketscientology.

This is taking it way too far.

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bookaholic234 said that she had a friend who dated a guy whose mother literally came over to help him shave his testicles. I wish I was kidding, but, I'm not.

The Reddit user said that the family was "oftentimes naked in front of each other" and they all thought it was normal and fine.

Called and tattled on her to his momma.

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halloweenlover02 said that her boyfriend made an ugly face, so she told him it was ugly.

He stormed off and told his mother, who later called her and said that he's "just not used to being called ugly" and asked her to apologize. Nope, grounds for break up if you ask me.

Like being at a spa, I guess.

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BigJiggies shared that her first long-term boyfriend would oftentimes disappear for a while when she was hanging out at his house with him.

One day, she went downstairs and saw him lathering his mom's feet with lotion. Apparently, his mom was also "jealous" he spent so much time with his girlfriend.

Woah Woah Woah.

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Small_Dragonfly confessed that her 45-year-old ex-boyfriend and his 49-year-old brother both still lived at home, in their childhood bedrooms, with the same posters and furniture they had as kids.

Neither could cook nor take care of themselves, either.

That's just...unbelievable.

One guy had his mom break up with his girlfriend.

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"For real. I had met her several times in the three months we dated.

She called me to say that her son had trouble with confrontations because his dad had been an a**hole (yeah, they were divorced of course) so she needed to tell me that 'it wasn't working out,'" said DifferenceNo5715.

It's the most romantic day of the year.

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girlintheworld_ shared that she was upset when her boyfriend decided to ditch her on Valentine's Day to spend it with his mother, instead.

It's not like the two had never seen each other in a while. The two even lived near each other.

His own assistant.

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truisluv said that her boyfriend would still have all of his mail sent to his mother's house, and she would open it for him, read it, and then tell him what it was.

They also spoke on the phone multiple times a day, every single day, no matter what.

That's not creepy at all.

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syncraticidiocy confessed that her high school boyfriend would come home from school each day, hold hands with his mother, and the two would share the events of their day while staring longingly into each other's eyes.



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itsVitctorOHYEAH said she was at a guy's house on a date when a woman came into the house with her own key.

He told her to "ignore her" because she would just be doing the laundry and dishes and then leave. They sat in silence while she "folded his laundry on the couch next to them." Turns out, it was his mother, not a cleaning lady.

Controlling his money? Nope.

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"My current bfs mom still has access to his bank account. When he makes a large purchase (more than $100) she calls and asks him about it. When she calls his phone he leaves the room or goes outside to talk to her," shared CrazyCabinet577.

Far too involved.

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Pupsandfritopaws said that her ex's mom would "not accept" that the two of them had broken up. She called her every day, begging her to take her son back.

She even said that she would pay for "therapy for her son" if she took him back.

Too old.

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WhoGotSnacks shared that she dated someone who still called his mom "mommy" and whenever they would greet each other, they kissed each other on the lips.

While as a kid that might work, as an adult, it's just uncomfortable for everyone involved.

Don't get those toes cold!

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"A friend in high school, when we were 17, admitted that his mom would wake him up every morning by putting his socks on so that he wouldn’t step barefoot on the cold floor when he would get up from the bed. Kind of a cute thing to do if your kid is like 7 I guess, but HE WAS 17," said senpaiofthehentai.

On their anniversary, too.

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CharleyBeta said that on her anniversary with her boyfriend, his mother called him "faking sick" so that he would take care of her.

When they finally went on their date, she called him and threatened to kill herself because "no one cared about her."

Red flag!

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