30 People Who Discovered That Life Had Left Them A Wonderful Little Surprise

Life can be full of surprises, with some of them being good and some being...well, slightly less than good. In order to show off a good smattering of each, please enjoy these 30 people who discovered that life had left them a wonderful little surprise. After all, life is more fun when it's unpredictable...sort of.

"The supermarket I work at sells horizontally sliced bread."

Apparently, these horizontal loaves are quite common in certain parts of the world for use in traditional dishes and cakes. I would just want to make a giant sandwich though.

"Check out this pink pigeon I found on a UK high street."

There is a lesson that we can all take from this. If you are going to put your pigeons on a hot wash, make sure you don't put any red birds in with them!

"My aunt and uncle's dog has a self portrait on the back of her head."

The fact that the fur-based pooch even has the same ear raised up is just perfect. This is perhaps the most cute surprise that is on this list that's for sure!

"I bought these binoculars specifically to go to the Grand Canyon today."

I am sure that they were able to get a really nice, close-up view of the fog that has descended on the Grand Canyon thanks to these lovely new binoculars.

"Tattoo artist gave my spider 9 legs."

"I actually did look at it beforehand and approved it. I even have a pic of the stencil on my leg beforehand, the long leg in the front was originally a small fang. [I] don't really mind it but as a wildlife conservationist it saddens me that its wrong," this person elaborated.

"Just used a bath bomb I got for Christmas and now the bath looks like piss."

Yeah, I really would not fancy getting into that water if I'm honest. Although, it may have smelt much nicer than would certainly hope so anyway.

"I work at an ice skating rink and instead of properly turning in skates people started just throwing them over the counter."

How on Earth did no one stop this before it got to this stage? Also, what kind of person just chucks a damn ice skate around the place?!

"I don't know who it belongs to. But I already know their pain."

I always find that, if you are planning on giving someone a puzzle, removing one piece really adds a lot of excitement to their present...especially if you don't like the person.

"When it is your stop and the doors open to this."

I hope that this person was carrying their portable snow shovel in their bag! Everyone should always carry one at all times as I always say...and yes, that is definitely something that I have said at least once before.

"My Eco friendly packaged toothpicks are individually wrapped in plastic."

They were so close to being eco-friendly, but they just fell down at the last possible hurdle. Although, the packet is only claiming that the cardboard is eco-friendly.

"Cut all of the 'ties' on my daughters new toy. That grey tie was the wire for the remote."

It transpired that this was actually just the wire for connecting the "try me" button on the front of the box. I am sure that this revelation saved Christmas!

"My public library tells you how much money you've saved by checking things out instead of buying them."

That is an absolutely fantastic way to try and encourage local people to use their library! Use your local libraries, for the love of God!

"My sister-in-law thought she bought a confetti cannon to prank me."

Yep, their SIL accidentally managed to get this person a giant cannon filled with orange chalk/dust. I wonder how long this took to clean up, I hope that the SIL helped out.

"The state of these lights at my mall."

"It was 4pm on a Friday when they were installed," suggested one person. I like this idea, but I also think that maybe the contractor just had serious beef with the building's owner.

"The cake cut my knife in two..."

What in God's name was this cake made out of? Cement? Actually, it does seem to look a little more like corned beef hash than any cake that I have seen in my time.

"This Uber driver contemplating his existence after a passenger threw up all over himself and in the car."

The stance that this driver has adopted says more than a thousand words. You just know that this guy is seriously re-evaluating some things in his life.

"Deer were using my car as a salt lick."

I mean, would you rather have your car be covered in dirt or in deer spittle? I know that this is not a question that most people ever think they will have to answer, but there you go.

"I was at target and my soul almost left my body. I turns out that they are mini fridges."

That is some of the cruelest and most effective marketing strategy that I have ever seen. I would love to know how many people fell for this.

"I found a brightly colored sea slug at the beach today."

There were a lot of people who wanted to know what kind of slug this was, with one person responding: "Looks like an Opalescent Nudibranch, this type occurs all the way from N. CA to México."

"There's a 'Hello from Seattle' at the back of my controller."

"Its on every Xbox product! I have an Xbox One S, its on the back. Every standard Xbox controller sold by Xbox has Hello From Seattle printed on the inside of the battery compartment," pointed out one eagle-eyed fan.

"First day back to college and the hot chocolate machine had ants inside it."

"I just want to let everyone know that our hot chocolate machine is now including added protein in each hot beverage."

"Are ants really that high in protein?"

"That's not the point."

"For the 3rd time the only food source near my job messed up my order. Look at those 'fries.'"

It seems as though the local food source might be a bit concerned about how many vegetables you are eating!

"My husband's buddy at work was having a bad day."

A lot of people said that this was actually quite an easy fix, but it is still a fix that no one should have to do regardless!

"This amount of packaging for 1 potato."

If only potatoes naturally had a thick skin which could make it safe to transport and also be easily removed once a person wants to cook the potato. That would just be too much to ask for.

"I forgot that I had soda in the back of my car in single digit temps."

The best time to get that clean is while it is still frozen, you need to chip that off before it melts and sticks. Although, it doesn't look like it will be melting any time soon.

"I just got a new customer service job in a not Texas state after growing up in Texas… Y'all, I don't think I'm going to last."

It is massively annoying to me that this company somehow managed to spell "Y'all" wrong!

"My friend was cooking a frozen pizza."

A lot of people were banging on about how this was because the oven wasn't pre-heated. Ooooh, look at you guys, actually being bothered to pre-heat the oven, we're all so in awe of you!

"Hi, I'm calling to start a claim, my car is flooded... Oh, I don't have flood coverage? In that case, it's on fire!"

The person who owns this car should have bought a lottery ticket after this happened, as they were surely due some good luck!

"Couldn't get this beer open for 10 mins straight. I pried off the top to find... Another top."

So, will the cans just get smaller and smaller until there is no room left for any more cans inside of this?

"I live in Central Alberta, it got down to roughly -45°C tonight. Woke up to frost in the corner of my bedroom."

If that isn't a sign that you need to get a thicker duvet then I do not know what is.

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