The Story Of A 20-Year Friendship Sparked By A Wrong Number Is Melting Hearts

Getting a call from a wrong number can be a very annoying thing for most people. However, one man's story recently exploded across the internet after he shared the most heart-warming tale that all started with him receiving a call from a wrong number.

What started as a wrong number unexpectedly ended-up turning into a 20-year friendship.

Mike Moffitt's story started 20 years ago when he got an unexpected call.

Unsplash | Annie Spratt

Mike Moffitt, from Rhode Island, got a call from a woman called Gladys Hankerson who was trying to reach her sister in Maryland.

"At first, it was just like her saying, 'Oh I'm sorry!' and she's really Southern, very hospitable, polite, very sweet, she's like, 'I'm so sorry, child!' and then she hangs up real quick," Moffitt told Today.

Gladys kept calling Mike by mistake, and eventually he was able to keep her on the phone for the length of a conversation.

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Gladys kept accidentally calling the 401 area code instead of the 410 area code for her sister in Maryland. Eventually, Mike decided to start a conversation with Gladys after she misdialled.

"I finally stopped her before she hung up and said hey if we're gonna talk like this we might as well get to know each other," he wrote in a Facebook post about the story.

The pair have become very close over the last 20 years, frequently making time for a chat.

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However, the story took a wonderfully touching turn this Thanksgiving when Mike happened to be in Florida on a trip with his wife and child.

Upon discovering that they were only staying 2 miles from Gladys' house, he decided to pop over and surprise her.

Gladys was amazed to finally meet the man she had been talking on the phone to for over 20 years.

Mike did not tell Gladys that he would be turning up, but just surprised his long-term phone buddy with a bunch of flowers.

"[I] didn't tell her I was coming and her daughter walked me through the door. I announced, 'I'm Mike from Rhode Island!' and the first words out of her mouth where 'I'm blessed!' There are incredible people in this World that are a wrong number phone call away," Mike wrote on Facebook after having met Gladys.

Gladys was elated to have finally met Mike after all these years.

"He's very nice! In the world these days, you don't meet too many nice people," Gladys told Today.

Even if it was just a fleeting visit, the pair still plan to be calling one another for catch-ups for the foreseeable future!