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Viral Post Shows Power Of Female Friendship After One Of Them Has A Miscarriage

When finding out they are pregnant, many women celebrate and get extremely excited to bring a new baby into the world.

While pregnancy and growing a family is full of new beginnings and love, some things in life unfortunately happen and things do not always go as planned. Many women, sadly, suffer miscarriages early on in their pregnancy, resulting in a loss of a baby.

Miscarriages can be very hard for women to handle.

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When a woman suffers a miscarriage, it can be hard on them and their psychological health.

Many women feel very connected to their baby, far before they are born, and knowing they have lost it feels like a failure and defeat.

It can be one of the most difficult things for a woman to deal with throughout her entire life.

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Losing your baby is something that is devastating, and most people aren't equipped to handle it physically or emotionally.

It's incredibly taxing.

Knowing that only mere days before, life was growing inside of you, and suddenly, there isn't one anymore?

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That is heartbreaking.

Not many women are prepared for that kind of news and many do not know how to act following.

Ashlee Gadd was one of those moms who had no idea what to do.

The mother of three was seven weeks pregnant with her 4th child when she suffered her first miscarriage. Like many women, trying to cope with the loss is insanely painful and difficult.

Especially when you are bleeding and trying to feel "normal."

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One of Ashlee's friends, Anna Quinlan, reached out to see if she needed some help.

And the way she decided to step in and save the day was nothing short of amazing.

But, the way in which she asked was not like most.

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Whenever something bad happens, people always say "let me know if you need anything," but, instead, Anna got specific.

Anne gave Ashlee a few options.

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Anna said that she had some options for how she can be helpful. She offered to pick up Ashlee's 3 kids and take them off her hands for her for a short period of time. She also offered to send dinner for the whole family and Ashlee. And, on top of that, she offered to even go shopping for her at Target.

She also offered to send dinner for the whole family and Ashlee.

And, on top of that, she offered to even go shopping for her at Target.

I don't know about you, but this is seriously one of the sweetest things I've ever heard of.

Ashlee said that she really only had one roll of toilet paper left in the whole house.

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Ashlee told Anna she actually desperately needed toilet paper, as there was only 1/3 of a roll left for her house of five. And, she was grateful for Anna's offer because now, she didn't have to go herself to Target.

She said she would "bring to Ashlee's doorstep" before 3.

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She also offered other things, like comfort foods and frozen snacks which are very easy to make. So, Ashlee said she'd take Cheese-Itz, which is "all she has been eating."

Before she knew it, Ashlee had a delivery.

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Anna kept her promise of "dropping things off and not speaking to her," so that she could respect Ashlee's privacy. But, the gesture of giving her concrete options for how she could support her—that's remarkably smart.

It's also a great way to even remind ourselves: this is an awesome way to support someone we love who might have tough times in the future.

People on the internet really rallied behind the sentiment, and fell in love with the idea.

One person who lost their mother said that it was "too hard" to figure out how people could help her, so she always turned it down instead.

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Being specific helps the person wanting to help and the person who needs help, too.

People online were seriously moved.

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Many commented saying that this is 100% friendship "goals." Others said they were "moved to tears" over how supportive Anna was in terms of their friendship and what Ashlee was going through.

Others said they "screenshotted" the text message so that they can keep it.

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A lot of people were mentioning how they would want to keep this in their back pocket for when they want to use it for their own friends.

We just love it. What a heartwarming story.