18 Unusual Situations That Called For Unusual Solutions

I have always admired useful inventions. Those who come up with things like these could be called geniuses.

But what I find most interesting is when ordinary people overcome daily hassles and invent neat solutions that could assist us all. And at the same time, their cleverness makes us laugh.

Check out these examples below because I believe they are bound to make you chuckle a little.

1. This Laptop Fix

Okay, this guy isn't using a laptop. It's actually just a screen with a keyboard. So to have it stand, he came up with the most clever idea ever. How is it that this genius can't afford a laptop already?

2. This Washing Machine Solution

How do you keep your front-loading washing machine from developing mildew? Here's a simple solution for you. Close the door with a microfiber towel. The towel will create a small opening, No need to have the door hanging wide open.

3. This Uncooperative K-9

I know it must be hard keeping your dog from licking his wound. But these folks found a clever solution that the dog isn't very impressed with, ha, ha! Sadly, that wouldn't work on our cat. He's too smart for that.

4. This Mirror Problem Fix

What happens when your wife breaks your car's side mirror? Well, you ask her for her compact case and fix it right up on the spot. I guess modern problems call for modern solutions, huh?

5. This Toothpaste Hack

Here's what you do: Put a Bobby pin on each side of your toothpaste tube for an easy way to push all the paste toward the opening! It works for all kinds of tubes filled with goo, lol.

6. This Remote Control Solution

Are you tired of looking for multiple remote controls? I hear you loud and clear, and so does this person here. See, all you need is some hair bands, and you're good to go. Who knew it was so easy?

7. This Unusual Car Cup Holder

Okay, I admit this car holder solution here wouldn't be my prime choice. But if you can't find one that fits well, then you might have to resort to this, no? What do you think?

8. This Cat Revenge

If your cat constantly ignores you, here's a solution for you. Oh my! Ha, ha! What is it with cats, huh? One minute they absolutely love you and purr their heart out, and the next minute they don't want anything to do with you.

9. This Note-Taking Idea

Oh my goodness, haha. Check out this kid here. Even though I love how inventive he is, there is no way I could be that flexible. Kudos to him for not breaking his back. Am I right?

10. This Laundry Solution

How can you keep your bedroom neat without loads of laundry piling up? I've got a great idea for you. Just retrofit your room to be a half-bedroom and half-laundry room. Ha, ha! Problem solved. Am I right?

11. This Bathtime Solution

Does your dog like to take a bath? It looks like this guy here does. However, what he hates the most is getting water in his ears. Well, not any more thanks to his owner's clever idea here.

12. This Cat Trap

These little rascals have been attacking all the birds in the backyard. So their clever owners decided to add some bells to their collars. Sorry to break it to you guys, but the fun is over now.

13. This Car Fix-Up

If you have a handy dad, he too can help you fix up your car. In this lady's case, her clever father came up with an even smarter solution. What do you think of that, haha?

14. This Toilet Fix

I'd like to know who's the genius who installed this toilet in such a tight spot, huh? I don't think they really thought things over before they did that. So somebody had to think quickly on their feet, right?

15. This Solution For Tall Guys

Wow, can you imagine being so tall you can't use an elliptical in your own home? That is a problem I definitely don't have, ha, ha! But to remedy it, this guy did what he had to do.

16. This Pub's Answer To Social Distancing

Oh my goodness, that's the kind of fence that keeps the cows in check. However, I think they failed to recognize that common sense and alcohol don't mix. I wonder how many drunks get shocked there.

17. This Sneaky Pup

Ah, look at this sweet cutie pie. Isn't he so adorable or what? Well, this little guy has been squeezing through the fence, so the owner had to come up with a way to put a stop to it.

18. This Clever Man

When the heatwave hit in Brazil, some people decided to just stay in. On the other hand, those who ventured outside had to come up with other ways to shield themselves from the sun. This is one of those solutions.

Don't you love it when people come up with their own solutions to fix problems?

Heck, they might not look good or be perfect, but who said they didn't work well, huh? So don't knock it until you try it, okay? What did you ever invent that was really helpful and clever?