Mom Teaches Her Daughters A Clapping Routine To Protect Them From Strangers

It's been shown that repetition and mnemonic devices go a long way in the formation of memories. You have to rinse and repeat until it sticks, and the younger you are — the better.

In an effort to help her young daughters learn a hard truth of the world, this mother/TikToker has taught them a special clapping routine. The hope is that it will help protect them from harm.

TokToker isn't your average parent.

On top of having five kids of her own, (Tonya in real life) is also a foster parent. Her first several viral videos discuss how she went from a family of five to a family of nine overnight — and then to eleven six months later.

The rest of Tonya's TikTok videos tend to focus on showing the unseen side of foster care.

For anyone considering the possibility of becoming a foster parent, Tonya's profile is a great place to start. Her videos expertly detail "a day in the life" of a foster mom and are filled with helpful parenting tips.

Back in November of 2020, Tonya posted a video of her daughters reciting a familiar clapping rhythm.

Most will no doubt recognize the tune from the classic children's song, "If You're Happy (And You Know It...)." The lyrics, on the other hand, are new.

Instead of the classic nursery rhyme we all grew up with, the song now boasts a strong feminist message.

In Tonya's original video, the young girls sit across from one another, clapping and singing, "Don't be polite to men who creep you out. Don't be polite to men who creep you out."

"Don't be polite to men, it's not our job to comfort them. Don't be polite to men who creep you out," the song concludes.

Earlier this month marked the one-year anniversary of Tonya's viral clapping video. To commemorate the event, she and her daughters have posted yet another video.

"The message is still important," Tonya wrote in the caption.

It's clear to see that her little girls have been practicing. Their clapping and rhythm have gotten much more succinct and you can hear the confidence in their voices as they sing the words.

Tonya's video has also inspired several of her followers to sing the song to their own children.

“I sing this to my 15-month-old daughter all the time”, wrote a fellow TikToker and follower who goes by the handle @themanifestingmomx.

Another added: “I love this.”

Some of Tonya's followers lamented how they wished they'd heard her message when they were kids.

Unsplash | Ben Wicks

“If only they taught this in every school! Wish someone had told me 30 years ago,” TikTok user @katybeebe wrote.

“If they learn this now, they will be able to carry it into adulthood and stand up for themselves”, another user echoed.

Of course, there were those who were less enthused with Tonya's technique.

A disgruntled TikTok user commented, “Sis really gave them a lesson in toxic femininity in 60 seconds.”

I'm not exactly sure how teaching young girls to be wary of creeps is toxic, but maybe I'm missing something?

“Wow, manipulating kids for your own political agenda,” another critical viewer commented.

Unsplash | OSPAN ALI

I personally feel that accusing Tonya of having a political agenda is a bit of a stretch. Thankfully, these types of misogynistic comments appear to be in the minority.

So the next time your kids sit down to recite their favorite nursery rhymes, why not give this one a go?

How is having a heightened sense of awareness a bad thing? Why would anyone balk at telling children that creepy old men are exactly that; creepy? This isn't an attack, it's just the facts.