TikTokker Reveals Effective, But Very Wasteful, Way To Clean A Cheese Grater

As TikTok's ravenous hunger for ways to make our lives easier continues to go unslaked, one TikTokker has recently shared their own way to effectively clean those pesky cheese graters.

However, while there have been some who were amazed by the 'hack,' there have been many who have slammed the hack for being incredibly wasteful.

When it comes to doing the washing up, the cheese grater is a unique beast.

Whether you just end up tearing up your sponge or somehow cutting yourself, no one likes to hand wash a cheese grater.

However, TikTokker Carolina McCauley recently shared her own unique way of cleaning a cheese grater.

After having sliced one lemon in half, you simply fill it with washing up liquid.

McCauley's video has since received thousands of likes, which just goes to show that the need for a better way of cleaning cheese graters is there...or, at least, people just have a morbid curiosity about seeing lemons be shredded.

Once the lemon is filled with soap, you rub it along the grater, as you would when grating cheese.

After you have done this, all you need to do is rinse the grater as normal.

McCaulet believes that this method is a much better alternative to other handwashing methods. Although, the video split its audience somewhat.

For some, this 'hack' was a very wasteful use of half a lemon.

The fact that this technique requires using an entire half of a lemon to execute is a little ridiculous, even if it does get your cheese grater nice and clean!

I mean, that's a lot of slices of lemon for a gin and tonic going to waste right there. Also, there were many people curious about how this helped to clean the inside of the grater.

However, there were still some who were glad of the trick.

Unsplash | eggbank

The comments also included some other ways that people cleaned their cheese graters, with one person writing: "I just spray mine with avocado oil cooking spray before I use it. Cleans perfectly."

And, of course, there were some who simply said that they just put theirs in their dishwasher...just before they swanned off for a dinner of ruby-encrusted lobster while sat at a table made exclusively from saffron.

Let us know what you make of this hack in the comments!

h/t: TikTok