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Missing Teen Uses Viral TikTok Hand Sign To Get Rescued

Social media apps sometimes get a bad reputation for being too addictive for younger kids. Teenagers today spend an enormous amount of time on TikTok and other social media apps, watching videos and sharing photos with friends.

Sometimes, social media can have negative impacts on young kids. Other times, they can actually be helpful and save their lives.

TikTok videos oftentimes share stories and tips for people online.

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Many TikTok users share stories of their own lives and things they have gone through in order to help and guide others.

One thing many women do is share warning signs of domestic abuse and other forms of relationship danger.

There are several videos on TikTok that showcase signs women can use whent they are in danger.

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Videos online have gone viral on the app, as well as YouTube, showcasing different hand gestures that women can use to signal to others that they are in danger.

Knowing these hand gestures can be something that can help save someone's life.

Recently, one young girl was saved due to knowing the hand gestures.

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According to Facebook, a 16-year-old girl was actually rescued from a dangerous situation with someone who had been holding her captive in an abusive situation after using a hand gesture she had learned on the social media app TikTok.

Laurel County Sheriff's Office shared that the 16-year-old was traveling with a 61-year-old man.

According to the report, James Herbert Brick, 61, was traveling with an underaged girl who had met up with him and had traveled through North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and into Ohio. She was reportedly filed as "missing" by her parents in North Carolina.

While driving through the states with Brick, the girl had been trying to get other driver's attention.

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In the back seat, the 16-year-old had been making hand gestures that signal danger and abuse at home to other drivers who were nearby—trying to get them to call 911.

Eventually, a driver noticed and reported the incident to police, who were able to then rescue the girl.

Brick was arrested and charged with a few counts of crimes.

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"James Herbert Brick was charged with unlawful imprisonment – first-degree; possession of matter sex performance by a minor over the age of 12 but under age 18 – first offense. This individual was lodged in the Laurel County correctional center," shared the Sheriff's office on Facebook.

The hand gesture in question was created during the pandemic.

During the pandemic, many people were stuck and sheltering in place with their significant others and family, stuck in bad situations.

The hand gesture, which is a flat palm with the thumb tucked in the middle, signals that there is danger going on at home.

Many people were glad that the 16-year-old knew the gestures.

Many mentioned that TikTok was a great asset in this case because without out, there's no telling if this young girl would have known what to do and share that she was in grave danger at that given moment.

Others said everyone should learn these hand signals.

Some commenters said that teaching kids the hang gestures in school can help them to understand what to do when they are in situations they are uncomfortable with or even if they are in danger.

And, others could also know what signs to look for, too.

However, some said it's a double edged sword.

On one hand, letting everyone know the hand signal can be great so that people know what to do and also what to look for.

However, it can be bad because it'll alert the abuser if they know the gesture, too.

The gesture is rather simple.

Putting all fingers up flat, you hold it up and then tuck your thumb into the center of your hand.

If you ever see anyone doing this symbol, make sure to call 911 and get them some help.