TikTok Users Are Making 'Turkey Bread' That Looks Like The Real Bird

People will make anything out of bread these days.

Recently, a vegetarian-friendly alternative to bacon hit the TikTok algorithm, instructing people how to make bacon out of — you guessed it — bread. Now, users are taking it even farther, creating entire holiday birds out of bread.

On the one hand, this is insanity. On the other...who doesn't love bread?

I honestly find this so charming.

We have bread enthusiast and TikTok user @cottageloaves to thank for this hilariously delightful invention. After rolling her dough and cutting herself some little wings, she folded the wings in to, you know, look like a turkey.

Can't forget those crucial thighs.

Thick (bread turkey) thighs save lives.

After the wings were folded in, @cottageloaves cut off two sides of the bread off and molded them into little drumsticks. As a known real turkey drumstick hater, I am all for this alternative.

We're almost there.

The turkey then got a little pat, a divot at the top to mimic a real turkey, and a healthy dose of seasoning. Am I the only one who thinks this looks absolutely adorable?

Boom, turkey bread.

Even those who think this is ridiculous have to admit how delicious that bread looks. And you KNOW it would be nice and soft in those drumsticks! Man, I want some bread right now.

TikTok did not agree with me.

Instead, many commenters were upset that turkey bread exists at all. Really, Jenna? Really? You'd be upset you cut into DELICIOUS, DELICIOUS BREAD instead of turkey? I don't believe you.

Others saw the vision.

Imagine sitting down to Thanksgiving and the centerpiece is a bread turkey?! I would be so awed by the creativity. Why not have fun with your food, you know? Especially at such a serious holiday!

She posted a full tutorial on Instagram.

Unsplash | Nadya Spetnitskaya

If you actually want to try making your own turkey bread loaf, head over to Instagram and grab the full tutorial! Excuse me while I bookmark that for future reference.

I am so Oprah about this.

Who doesn't love bread, y'all? (My dad actually, but he's an outlier and should not be counted.)

Is it turkey? No. Is it bread in a fun shape that will probably still taste good? Yes! There's no downside!

You can watch the whole TikTok here.

Wanna see that sweet, sweet bread making for yourself? Then hit play on this bad boy and get ready to crave some bread.

What do you think of turkey bread? Are you team real turkey, or team bread turkey? Let me know!