Crocs Boots Exist So Your Feet Can Stay Comfy All Year Long

I hate to tell you, but winter is just around the corner. Oh, yes, I did say the "W" word. Say it isn't so. No matter what we might want to believe, sooner or later, it's going to get super cold, and snow is going to follow.

But who says you have to stop wearing your favorite summer clogs just because winter comes? Well, now you don't have to.

If you're a fan of Crocs, I've got good news for you.

Unsplash | Nathan Dumlao

Apparently, there's a new shoe in town, and this one is perfect for winter. You heard it here first, folks. Crocs winter boots do exist, and you've got to get your hands on them now.

I know what you must be thinking – like how is this even possible?

Unsplash | Thomas Park

Ha, ha! Leave it to the creative people at Crocs to bring your summer favorite shoe into winter. If you want to see what I mean, check this out.

This, ladies and gentlemen is what I'm talking about, ha, ha!

OMG! What? How did I not know about this? I don't understand how nobody told me about this. And now that I see it, of course, I want a pair.

And, check this out.

These boots even come in different colors and patterns like this multicolored tie-dye one. Shut the front door. No way!

So now you can be both comfortable in the soft, fuzzy plush lining with a contoured orthotic footbed that you know and love.

I think I've died and gone to footwear heaven.

Do you get what I'm saying? Now you can walk in the snow to take out the garbage or build a three-foot snowman in the front yard. The choice is yours.

All the while, you'll be comfortable AF.

Who doesn't like the sound of that? Okay, I say sign me up. Come on! Now, where can I get my hands on these amazing winter boot Crocs? I need to know ASAP.

Well, for starters, you can get them online at Famous Footwear.

These Crocs boots feature a platform with an upper nylon funnel that will keep your ankles warm, similar to the snow boots you see in shoe stores. Wow! How amazing is that?

Seriously, if I don't get these for myself, I've got to buy them for my mom.

Unsplash | Usman Yousaf

She absolutely loves her Crocs and wears them all the time. After all, they are so comfortable and really good for your feet too.

What do you think of these winter Crocs?

Would you wear them? I wish they were available in a store near me so I could try them out. Otherwise, getting them online can be a gamble. If they don't fit well, then what? Would you take a chance on them or not?