14+ People Who Fought Winter And Lost

Winter can be a difficult time...although, I always preferred it to summer as I like wearing layers and having an easy way of getting out of literally any social engagement.

However, the people on this list have had a bit of a tough time with winter. So, please enjoy these 14+ people who fought winter and lost!

"No plow? No problem!"

Reddit | BigDaddyMantis

I think that he is using a chest freezer there? If so, I love that he is fighting ice with ice. Fighting ice with fire would probably be better, but just leave him to it.

"When the pipes burst overnight and you have to go to work in the morning..."

Well, I guess that the take away here is that they aren't going to work this morning! I wouldn't even know where to start trying to get into the car, never mind driving it.

"Got some snow. My dog said nope."

I always feel bad for small dogs in the snow. Their bellies must be freezing, which is not something that anyone should have to experience!

"Winters are tough on slower people."

You know there will be one person in this office thinking to themself, "No one ever used to want to go to lunch with me, but now everyone wants to! How lovely!"

"Now that it is snowing in the south..."

I love any advert that starts with "THIS IS NOT A SCAM." That always really gives me faith in the product.

"Salt truck crashes after hitting ice patch."

"You know, the irony is..."

"Dave, seriously, don't."

"News station Storm Tracker vehicle, ended up in the ditch during the snow storm."

"Storm Tracker, come in, how are you getting on? Over."

"Well, we found it that's for sure..."

"This driver learned the hard way why you should never drive on a frozen lake."

Never before has a single picture quite so accurately told a story. The sad little footprints walking back towards the bank contain so much emotion somehow.

"Important discovery in Texas."

Something about the tone of this makes me feel like this was written by someone who initially thought that ice and snow was a conspiracy, and is now amazed to have been proven wrong.

"I dropped my snowmobile in my lake at -15°C."

Well, that's one way to wake yourself up in the morning. Driving a snowmobile into a freezing lake first thing in the morning is better than a strong cup of coffee for some people!

"It's just a little ice, it's fine."

"Don't worry, I've got just the thing to fix this!"

"Please don't suggest rice again Dave."

"It'll be fine, you should see this bowl of rice, it's my biggest one yet!"

"Canadian parking enforcement doesn't mess around."

Traffic wardens who go to these lengths to see their duty fulfilled are true heroes...wait, not heroes, asshats, that's the one!

"When even the trucks don't like waking up to morning snow."

This truck looks like it had one too many pints last night and is in no state to be making the morning commute.

"Two teams in Turkey played through the snow today. One team wore white…"

"Are you kidding me ref? He came right through the back of me, that should be a card!"

"I didn't see anything."

"Oh you liar!"

"No, I mean I literally didn't see anything."

"My grandfather has put out this sign every winter for 5 years."

This is where it turns out that their grandfather has been dealing Class As for years and has been using "snow" as cover.

"The water is cut off, so I had to steal some kid's snowman so I can melt him to flush my toilet."

The 2021 reboot of The Snowman really takes a much more bleak tone. I can't say I like it as much as the original.

"I think I left a window open last night, not sure."

It took me an embarrassing amount of time to also realise that the floor was covered with snow and that wasn't just the floor!

"Who even builds snowmen anymore, gotta build snow monsters."

Well, now all that I am thinking about is how many toilets you could flush with this snow monster? A load probably.

"My buddy lost his iPhone in early February and just found it frozen into our driveway... AND IT STILL WORKS."

Okay, so this is a little success story here, just thought I'd throw one in to keep your spirits high and keep you on your frostbitten toes.

"Found someone's ID frozen in ice next to my car."

"Dave, why are you rubbing your hands on the car park floor?"

"Just trying to get my pass!"

"Yeah, that makes sense, see you inside, if you've got any fingers left to pick it up that is."