15+ Amazing Things That Happened Now That It's So Cold Everywhere

Time to hunker down and bundle up, we're in the thick of winter now! Snow is falling, ice is building, and we're all very cold.

No matter your opinion on the season, there's no denying that the chill can bring about some cool effects. To see what I mean, check out these amazing things that happened now that it's so cold everywhere!

"The melting snow on this chair looks like a tree."

Who needs to spend years studying color theory and painting techniques, just stick a chair outside and create art with ease!

"My clothes got freeze dried."

The way this is worded makes it sound like they were surprised, but I'm not sure what else was to be expected from putting clothes outside in freezing temperatures.

"So cold outside my doorknob frosted."

Who needs to check the temperature when you have this funky tool? All you'd need to know is that if there's frost on the doorknob, it's officially too cold to go out.

"[Today] I realized soap can in fact freeze."

Huh. I guess I had never thought about that. It is a liquid but I don't go around sticking my dish soap in my freezer, so I'd never seen it!

"Farmland in Eastern Colorado is flat but looks 3D after wind blew the snow around."

My brain legitimately cannot process that this is flat land. Guess I'll have to come back in the summer to get it.

"The way snow melted though my patio table today."

Anyone else reminded of every Play-Doh set ever made? Namely the food-themed ones?

"The way this water froze to the fence."

This is reaching optical illusion levels of physics defiance. Who allowed this?

"[Snow] globes at work arrived frozen."

Another liquid I never thought about freezing despite it totally being able to. Hope you didn't wanna see what was inside!

"Icicle being hung by a few strands of spider web."

The only thing that impresses me more than the gravity-defying, baffling properties of ice, is the sheer strength of spiderwebs.

"How the ice formed in this bucket."

This is great! You're getting more bucket per bucket, and all you needed was some water and sub-zero temps.

"Ice Spikes Growing On A Truck's Antenna."

Snap this sucker off and you have a weapon, maybe. It certainly looks like you take an eye out with one of those spikes.

"My pillow froze against my window in Texas."

This looks so comically photoshopped but I absolutely believe it stuck to the window like this. At least it's a convenient headrest!

"It was snowing today. But instead of snowflakes there were snowsticks."

Sometimes you're feeling just a bit too tired to build yourself into a snowflake. We've all been there.

"My icicles have icicles."

The ice grew ice? Okay, now I'm kind of over it, can we get past winter already?

"It's a wee bit snowy in Scotland right now."

Just a little bit! A light sprinkling. A dusting. That's all.

"This Floppy Snow on My Railing."

You're sure that's snow and not a large, mystical snow snake?

"My ice-covered cactus."

That cactus is probably freaking out. It barely gets water in its natural habitats, let alone ice.

"All of the blades of grass in my backyard are encased in ice like this one!"

Your lawn is now armored and ready for any attacks it might face from, say, a lawn mower.

"Two 12 inch sheets of ice defying gravity."

This ice doesn't even need spiderwebs to hang on, it's this strong (and baffling) all on its own!

"The juice from the prickly pear cactus fruit formed an icicle! Taken in San Marcos, Texas today."

Break that off and you've got yourself a free popsicle! Nature really is amazing.

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