Crocs' Newest Shoe Is Sprouting Glow-In-The-Dark Mushrooms

Just when you thought Crocs couldn't get any worse (or better), am I right?

Crocs are a damn divisive shoe. I think we can all agree they're pretty ugly, but I can personally attest to how comfortable they are. I panic bought at pair at Disney World after my shoes gave me blisters, and let me tell you: that was the best my feet felt that entire trip.

So, what could Crocs possibly add to their shoes to make them better, and also uglier? Mushrooms.

Yup, mushrooms.

And Diplo is to blame. The Diplo x Crocs collab is straight out of, well... a mushroom-induced trip, let's be real. Diplo, a self-admitted Crocs enthusiast, designed Crocs AND attachable mushroom "jibblitz" (the charms you stick in the holes).

Here's how he came up with the idea:

"On a summer day deep in quarantine I was on a spirit walk lost in Joshua tree. A roadrunner ran past me and whispered in my ear to make mushroom crocs," he wrote on Instagram.

Those sure are a pair of shoes, huh?

"A tortoise passed me on his way to eat a cactus and nodded yes."

Sounds legit. Diplo also said he's been wearing them to perform all his shows. Now that's dedication.

Did I mention they glow in the dark?

Because of course they glow in the dark. Duh.

The Crocs are currently sold out, but I have no doubt they'll come back in stock. Check out the listing for them here.

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