After Being On 'Wife Strike' For Two Weeks, A Husband Still Refuses To Do Chores

Many couples get comfortable and complacent when they get married and have kids. In some families and relationships, house duties like cleaning, cooking, and parenting fall on the mom/wife. Not many husbands care to step up and help, but some do. However, in the cases of the ones who don't, those men claim they "would" clean if their wives gave them the chance.

Sometimes, all a husband needs is a little push.


Sometimes, all we need to do is give people a little push in order for them to get things done. Or, so you would think, right? If a wife stops cleaning and doing everything, would the husband step up to take the lead?

One TikTok user decided to test it out.

Jalie Gil, 27, from Florida, is married to a husband who clearly doesn't help her out much around the house. So, Jalie decided to go on what she dubbed a "wife strike." She wanted to teach her husband a lesson and show him how much she does.

To make it even better, she dedicated her TikTok account to the strike.

Using her account @wifestrike, Jessica posted updates to the channel where she showcases all of the messages and things he husband does not clean around the house. To be honest, it's not great for him — it makes him look bad.

On day one, things looked messy.

Jessica shared that her bathroom was looking like a hot mess, with things all over the counter and her husband leaving all of his products everywhere. She showcased just how bad it truly was —definitely not what she would have done.

She also showed what the laundry pile looked like.

Not only was the bathroom dirty, but the laundry was not done at all — it wasn't even making it into the hamper. The laundry for her husband was all over the floor, socks, underwear, and all.

The worst part of the video? This:

The grossest and most foul part of the video is when Jessica showed the toilet, which was covered in her husband's actual poop. Disgusting that he couldn't grab the toilet brush and clean the bowl! No one wants to use this.

Throughout the two weeks, the "wife strike" account shared updates.

Throughout the two-week strike, Jessica shared videos to showcase whether or not her husband cleaned up. While some areas were a little better than on day one, others were definitely not. Like, all of these dishes that her husband left out.

But, by the two-week mark, Jessica shared her husband hadn't learned much.

In the living room, his X-Box stuff and tools were still left out and about where she wanted things cleaned up. While some rooms were cleaned (the toilet definitely was finally), he seems to not know how to clean up after himself.

And, her husband's worst quality? Laundry piles.

Jessica's husband really needs to stop piling laundry everywhere. In every video, this poor woman is stuck with laundry here, laundry there, laundry everywhere! Someone teach this man to do laundry!

Many online were surprised that even after this went viral, nothing really changed.

Many people were shocked that this husband didn't clean up after himself after going viral on TikTok. Who would want to be that guy that everyone is talking smack on because he can't clean up after himself?

However, many women says guys like this "don't care."

Others shared that no matter what, this man ain't going to care. They said that even though they've tried this with their ex, or their own man, things never changed.

Looks like Jessica is going to be back to cleaning again.