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19 Hilarious Fails Husbands Did When Their Wife Were Giving Birth

Until you're in that delivery room, it's hard to know how your partner will react.

Will he be attentive and supportive? Giving you back massages and rubbing your feet? Feeling sympathy pains?

Or will he be like these 19 husbands who did nothing but hilariously fail while their wife was giving birth?

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This husband who fainted.

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Some husbands just can't stomach needles or labor! When this woman got an epidural, her husband fainted and had to be wheeled to the ER to have his head stapled.

This husband who needs to go back to Lamaze class.


"While discussing the different positions I could deliver in with my nurse, my husband asked if I could deliver 'doggy style.' "He was referring to a position we'd seen in childbirth training, but it most certainly was NOT called 'doggy style.'" - emilya4c64169af

This husband who thought he was the doctor.

"The father of the woman (young) giving birth putting on sterile gloves, mask thinking he was going to be the one delivering the baby..." - u/AndyEMD. Head to medical school first, bud!

This husband who kept yelling sports metaphors.

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The only time a guy should be yelling "dig deep!" or "go team!" is if he's coaching a sports team or catching a game on TV. It shouldn't be when he's supporting his wife through labor.

This husband who had sympathy pains... sort of.

"I had just finished getting stitches when my husband turned around and said, 'You have no idea how much my balls hurt from these tight jeans.'" - Ashling Shanahan-Quinsee, Facebook

This husband who forgot one very important thing.

"When I was pregnant with my third kid, my water broke in the middle of the night. And my son's father hurried to the hospital...without me. Yes, he came back." - jenniferr471929d80

This husband who accidentally gave his wife a sprained ankle.

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Yikes! This husband was just trying to hold one of his wife's foot, but since she was so numb from the epidural, she couldn't feel him accidentally twisting it during labor!

This husband who was walking a very fine line.

"My husband and my midwife happened to go to school together, and while I was in labor, they were in the corner giggling and reliving old times. So I put on a zombie voice and snarled, 'Shut the [expletive] up! I'm having a baby over here!'" -anniebymyaga

This husband who corrected his wife at the wrong time.

"When my mom was in labor with me she was all drugged up (on legal meds) and she kept talking about the shoes on the ceiling and how they were everywhere and then yelled at my dad for telling her they weren't real. 21 years later and I love shoes!" -u/heybrother11

This husband who made his child's first words extra special.

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Most babies come into this world to lots of "oohs," "awws," and "isn't he/she so sweet?"

Well, the first words this baby heard was "oh, [expletive!]" when the dad almost dropped them during labor.

This husband who just wanted to cool himself down.

"I was in the sweatiest moments of labor with my first child, so the nurse pointed my partner to a cool washcloth to wipe the sweat from my face. So he picked up the washcloth, folded it, then dabbed gently at my forehead like they do in the movies... "I yelled, 'GIVE ME THAT!' and snatched it from him to wipe my own forehead." - Pahz1

This husband who was just craving some Mexican food.

"After I delivered the placenta, the doctor held it up and my husband said, 'Cool — we can make fajitas with that!' Apparently, he didn't understand that eating your placenta meant in capsule form. My doula and I couldn't stop laughing." - larkinhpg

This husband who was clearly missing their dog.

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In the midst of pushing, a lot can get confusing. That's why this husband accidentally said, "Let's go, Jesco!" when encouraging his wife. Only thing is, Jesco is their dog's name...

This husband who alerted code red.

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"I was already at the hospital when my water broke, so I asked my husband to press the call button on the bed to let the nurses know. Well, instead, he accidentally pressed the 'code' button on the wall — and all of a sudden about 10 doctors and nurses came scrambling into the room..." - lindseys418416eb5

This husband who needs a lesson on sympathy.

"In the middle of active labor, my husband said, 'I just want you to know that this labor has been really hard on me.' I looked at him, out of breath, and said, 'If I could move my legs right now, I would kick you!'" - emilyb4ed135cbe

This husband who had the gull to ask his wife to wait.

We're surprised this husband didn't get punched in the nuts for what he asked his wife to do when she said, "This is it — the baby is coming."

He looked at her and said, 'My parents will be here next week. Just wait.'"

This husband who picked the worst time to be hungry.


"When I told my husband that I was ready to start pushing, he looked at me surprised and said, 'Can I go grab something to eat first?'" - lorid4deeeb7c7

This husband who made his wife hungry for revenge.

Since this wife couldn't eat during pregnancy, it was real annoying when her husband was eating a sandwich right next to her while she was in labor.

This husband who thought he was real funny.


"I had labored for 10 hours — including three hours of pushing — before my son was finally born. Well, at the end of the night, my husband emphatically said, 'Man, I need to sit down, I'm tired!' Really? Had a rough day, did you?!" - emilys438fdb540