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19 Wives Who Are So Good At Hilariously Annoying Their Husbands

Happy wife, happy life!

It's a rule smart men live by. If not, they will face the fury of their wives at some point. They'll also get a taste of their annoying side.

Like a wife who purposely mismatches her husband's socks or one who eats the middle of a freshly-cooked casserole.

Yep, these wives could write the playbook on Annoying Your Husband 101! Learn their tricks here!

This wife who eats birthday cake like this

"My wife is a monster," this Redditor wrote. Yes, yes she is. Who eats cake with their bare hands? The only explanation here is that said wife is on a diet and couldn't handle those sugar cravings anymore.

This wife who left her husband a secret message

This wife has a clever way of letting her husband know she's still mad at him!

In her viral video on TikTok, she showed how she presses "FU" into the middle of his bread before toasting it.

This wife who fooled her husband

"My husband pissed me off so when he wasn't looking I poured water on the floor in front of the dishwasher," this wife wrote on Twitter. "He's been fixing it for the past 2 hours."

This wife who cut her husband out of a family photo

Ooooo, she mad! We wonder what this husband did to deserve some savagery.

Was she the one who ate birthday cake like a hungry raccoon and her husband said something?

This wife who took the first bite

"Now will you guys believe me that my wife is a psychopath?! She wanted the first bite," this husband wrote. Honestly, we're with her; the crust is the best part!

This wife who cuts her kids sandwiches like this

"Divorce is the only option," one Redditor wrote. We see their point. With a sandwich like this, their kids will never be able to trade their lunch with anyone else. Then they'll be outcasts at school!

This wife who purposely mismatched her husband's socks

"I name this pic 'I dare you to complain," this wife wrote. "I purposely mismatched all his socks. I'll show you OCD. One bundle even had 3 socks in it."

This wife who had the first serving

There's a monster in our midst! This wife did two wrongs: 1) grabbing food like she's five and 2) going for the middle. Doesn't she know that the edge is the best part??

This wife who knows her husband's pet peeve is clothes sticking out of drawers

"So when I'm at work, she does this to my side for when I get home..." the husband wrote on Instagram.

What did he do to deserve this?

This wife who went M.I.A

Oh, if only we could sleep for two days long! This is either pure dedication or laziness. Either way, we're sure the husband isn't too happy to be wondering where his wife is.

This wife who's hygiene is in question

"My wife’s toothbrush next to mine," this husband wrote. He said she won't change it because it looks like she's getting "business" done. Good luck with the dental bills, hubby!

This wife who loads the dishwasher like this

Yeah, we're going to go ahead and say that housework isn't her strong suit... It doesn't look like she cooks, either, since there are only two plates in there.

This wife who likes to keep her husband guessing

"My wife likes to keep dog food beside coffee beans. Guess what I did at 5:30 am this morning," this husband wrote. Guess who's getting a label maker for Christmas!

This wife who only made one side of the bed

Why tell your husband you're mad at him when you can show him! That's what this wife did when she made only one side of the bed to prove a point.

This wife who needed an inconvenient favor

"Can you get me something while you’re up? Me to my husband even though he’s not up," this wife tweeted. She's just looking out for his health by helping him get those steps in.

This wife who wasted peanut butter

Believe it or not, this wife threw this jar of PB in the garbage since she believed it's empty. We're with the husband's frustration here. There's enough to feed a whole family in there!

This wife who went crazy with the throw pillows

"My husband pissed me off so I bought another half-dozen throw pillows for our bed," this wife tweeted. That will take the husband at least 30 minutes to remove.

This wife who defeated the purpose

"I bought a HomePod for the kitchen," this husband wrote. "Instead of playing music through the HomePod, my wife uses it as a phone stand while playing music from her phone."

This wife who opens cereal boxes like this

What kind of a savage is this?! How is the cereal supposed to stay fresh when that huge gap lets in all the air. We're with the hubby on this one: grounds for divorce!