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We Just Discovered That The Midwest Eats Chili With Cinnamon Rolls On The Side

Whenever I see stuff like this, I feel like I'm being punked.

Apparently, people in the midwest eat cinnamon rolls with a side of... chili? I don't know what's going on in the midwest, but I am concerned about ALL Y'ALL right now.

So, what is this food pairing about, and is it actually good? Let's find out.


Chili has way too much stuff in it to pair nicely with a cinnamon roll, in my opinion. How do beans and cinnamon sugar frosting go together? HOW?

It's midwest culture.

Or so they say. A lot of people call chili and a cinnamon roll comfort food. I call it a gastrointestinal disaster waiting to happen, but to each their own.

Apparently, a lot of people had it at school.

Chili and cinnamon rolls were a big part of school lunch in the Midwest, I guess?

My school lunches in Washington consisted of rectangular pizza that tasted like cardboard. I'm calling this one a win for Kansas.

And then someone said something even MORE cursed.

No. Absolutely not. Cinnamon rolls were one thing, but pairing PEANUT BUTTER with CHILI? I am...so confused by everything being revealed to me right now. Just when I think humanity can't surprise me, it totally does.


I am so not happy with the midwest right now. Y'all really made me see this with my own two eyes. The corn bits in the chili...I gotta go. I am unwell.

Oh, and get this: They dip it.

I was sort of vaguely hoping they chased the chili with the cinnamon roll as a dessert, but no. They dip the cinnamon roll bits in the chili. My god.

This combo is more my speed.

The sweetness of the cornbread pairs way better with chili than a whole-ass cinnamon roll. I've never tried chili and a cinnamon roll, but I know this to be true.

I consulted my roommates on this one.

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I was so flabbergasted by this food pairing that I did an informal poll in my house: does a cinnamon roll with a side of chili sound good to you?

"Ew. Those two things don't go together."

The roommates have spoken.

Is the Midwest okay?

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Like, are y'all doing well out there? How are your tastebuds doing? Do they need help?

What do you think of this slightly cursed combo? Have you ever had it? Let me know!