People Online Say Watermelon Tastes Better With Salt On It

Hello from the Great White North (aka Canada), where I have never once experienced what I assume is the great joy of watermelon with salt.

It's not that we don't have access to those things, it's just not much of a thing here as it is in the southern U.S. Luckily, people online are sharing this unique combination with us, and with summer coming up, there's no better time to try it!

To get an informed opinion, I turned to my wife for her take on this snack.

She hails from North Carolina. When I asked her if salt on watermelon was a thing in the south, she absolutely lit up.

"10/10, can confirm we do that. It's delicious."

I get the feeling I'll be trying salted watermelon tonight. How about you?

The internet seems to agree with her.

There are some HOT debates on this topic. From what I can tell, there's three categories here: those of us who have never tried it (but are open to it), those who have seen the light, and those who find the whole concept disgusting.

Seriously, this is a big debate.

Twitter | @RANBOOZLE

It looks like a lot of people actually like putting salt on fruit. I get it. It's that sweet and salty kind of vibe!

("Oomf" stands for "one of my friends.")

Apparently, it also slaps when paired with spices.

We once again return to my wife on this subject:

"Chile lime seasoning is really good, too, but I prefer salt to be honest."

She uses this seasoning. I can't wait to try it!