People Online Claim Candy Corn And Salty Peanuts Actually Taste Good Together

Candy corn has to be one of the most hotly debated food topics on the internet, right up there with pineapple on pizza.

As a fan of both, I can confidently say that all haters are wrong, and both are delicious. HOWEVER. After an Oscar-winning actress started a candy corn debate on Twitter, people revealed something surprising: even candy corn haters enjoy candy corn when mixed with... peanuts?


So, the other day, Patricia Arquette started a fight.

To my UTTER DISMAY, she slandered the good name of candy corn by declaring it the worst Halloween candy. Her poll left no room for anyone to defend it. Blasphemy.

As a candy corn enthusiast, I find this tragic.

Unsplash | Debby Hudson

Must a candy be good? Is it not enough that it is made of sugar, melts in your mouth, and can be eaten in handfuls like popcorn?

Anyway, one person pointed out a neat candy corn hack that blew my mind.

Twitter | @Lightningrattle

So... this is a new one. I've never heard of anyone doing this before. The only time I've seen candy corn mixed with anything was candy corn and those weird pumpkins, which I find to be the inferior candy.

Hang on, I found the pumpkins.

THIS is the mix I mean. As a candy corn fan, even I know this is too much of one thing. Even though the pumpkins and the candy corns are basically the same, those pumpkins are nasty.

Apparently, I was the last to discover this?

People on social media have KNOWN about this snack, to the point where they'll loudly declare it to be "heaven." That's a big statement for a snack that involves such a polarizing ingredient.

People decided to try it out.

After that peanut and candy corn suggestion was made, someone in Patricia Arquette's replies actually tried it. I gotta say, I call blasphemy on the use of chocolate candy corn. Now THAT stuff is nasty.

I guess it's delicious.

NEWS TO ME, a person who has never heard of this and is now a little curious about it. I'm not sure how to feel here, guys. I love candy corn on its own. It's pure that way.

Some people even make whole mixes with them.

Forget a trail mix, get me into this HALLOWEEN MIX, BABY. I'm on board. I've been sold. Candy corn, salty peanuts, and M&Ms? Yeah, I want that. Sign me up.

Well, I guess I'm a candy corn and peanuts stan now.

I want to try it very badly. What do you think of this new mix? Would you try it, or is candy corn the devil's food? Let me know!