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Bride Willing To Pay Man $1000 So He Can Distract Her 'Narcissistic' MIL During Her Wedding

Bad mothers-in-law (MIL) are a dime a dozen — just ask their victims.

They've shared all of the wacky, weird, and downright disturbing tales of enduring their wrath.

So it doesn't exactly come as a surprise that a bride was willing to pay a man $1,000 to distract her "narcissistic" MIL. In fact, it makes perfect sense!

People have been sharing horror stories about their MILs for quite some time.

Like the girl who wrote that her this mother-in-law got angry at her when she wouldn't tell her which sex position her granddaughter was conceived in. In what world does a mother need to know this?!

Or this MIL who dared to assume that her future daughter-in-law was pregnant.

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"On the way out the door to go to the rehearsal dinner for my wedding, my MIL patted my stomach and asked if there was 'something I wanted to let everyone know' about why we were getting married, implying I looked pregnant," this woman wrote.

I don't know what it is about weddings, but that seems to be the place where MILs attack most.

In a Reddit thread, one bride shared that she was physically attacked by her MIL on her wedding lot. The MIL had drunk too much, yet tried to blame the bride.

One pulled the ultimate wedding sin and wore white to her son's wedding.

It was funny when Kelly from The Office did this, proclaiming that she "looks really good in white." But for a MIL to do this? It's the ultimate slap in the face and a way to get attention.

By now, it's clear that these nightmare MILs must be stopped!

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One such job ad on Craigslist set out to do just that. It specified that they're willing to pay a man $1,000 to basically babysit the MIL and ensure she doesn't ruin a wedding.

"She needs constant attention and supervision," the ad wrote. "She will probably wear white and try to escalate small dramas."

It would be the selected man's job to distract her and de-escalate any situations that arise. "Flatter her for 2 days and make an easy $1,000," the ad continued.

There were certain requirements that potential candidates had to meet.

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This included being a good conversationalist, a good dancer, and a good de-escalator. "Experience with narcissists a plus," it read. The person must be willing to pretend to be a guest and interested in sitting/dancing with the MIL.

In addition to the hefty paycheck, the person would receive conversation topics, food, and free travel expenses and accommodations.

In order to apply, people had to send in a photo of themselves, a quick blurb indicating their qualifications, and their permission to run a background check for safety's sake.

There were many interested candidates on Reddit.

"1000 + open bar? I'll jump on that grenade," one wrote. "Ima woman and I’d do it," added another.

Many wanted to see this concept turned into a movie. "This looks like the script for a great Woody Allen movie," this Redditor shared.

Some think their technique for dealing with narcissistic MILs is on to something.

"Just keep booze away from her and this should work out for all concerned," they wrote. "When I REALLY think about this ad...who ever gets the job, it could be the easiest $1000 they have ever made... or it could be the longest 48 hours in the history of weddings."

There were a few who believe the pay is too low.

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"If it’s paid hourly, I agree. Otherwise, hell no. I’m not dealing with someone who will clearly cause a scene, at a wedding, that I’m in no way invested in, just for a measly grand."

Would you apply for this job? Let us know in the comments!

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