20 Things That Didn't Have To Be So Bad

If you think something through before you execute a plan, then not everything has to be a failure necessarily. However, some individuals just hate forward-thinking!

With this in mind, from kids who burnt their fathers with the world's most brutal stickers to individuals who didn't really understand how inclusivity works, here are 20 things that didn't have to be so bad!

"Just lost my foot after a motorcycle accident. This is the sticker my son chose to decorate my brace."

I never would have thought that a seemingly innocent "Daddy long legs" sticker could be used to such devastating ends. When someone asked this person if they got to keep their foot, they replied, "Unfortunately the selfish doctor at the hospital wanted it for himself and wouldn't let me keep it."

"Blörö - the famous Finnish breakfast consisting of hot coffee, vodka, and a cigarette."

I mean, I love a shot of vodka, but why have it for breakfast? Cereal, and all other manner of breakfast foods, exist for a very specific reason! I dread to think what this would do to your heart if you had it every day.

"Sign at my local pizza place."

This is passive aggressive sign work at its finest. It is truly amazing the amount of people who will just try and order their food and/or drinks through a mindless phone call that they are having at the same time.

You Know What It Is Supposed To Say...

What were they even thinking with this sign? It looks like Ronald McDonald has sneezed out this sign...either that or he was drunk as hell on Jameson McFlurrys before he put it up. And great, now I just want a Jameson McFlurry.

"Apparently Winnie the Pooh has a drinking problem."

But, why is the "o" in the middle of this sign so stretched, it is really unsettling. Is it so that this place is technically called "Poh's corner pub" instead of "Pooh's corner pub" to get around the copyright laws?


This is one of the single greatest knock-off brands that I have ever laid eyes on. I mean, it is just so truly awful that you cannot help but kind of love it! One thing is for sure though, I'd never eat their food.

"Isn't there a better way of doing this?"

I don't know if I would want a more effective way of advertising chicken costs. I quite like the idea of looking at a menu that has an actual price for 200 chicken wings. How often can people seriously order that?

"How on earth can the OVERpass be flooded?!"

This is what happens when you design an overpass that does not have appropriate drainage! What a really fun way to spice up a lot of people's morning commute to work. It is also a great workout for your core!

"Sharps bin blocking changing station."

Although, even if it did come down properly, would you really want to be changing your baby underneath a precariously hanging box full of used needles? That seems like it is something that you probably should not be doing, right?

"Today the dog. Tomorrow the world."

Can you imagine having an operation, being confined to a cone, and just wanting to be able to relax on the couch...only for you to get in and for the cat to sit on your head. I feel for this poor guy.

"That moment where you just stare at your mistake..."

There are times in everyone's life where they look at their mistakes and just think, "How have I ever managed to make it to being an adult." One similar person added, "Like that time I was throwing away the potatoes and kept the peels..."

"Who thought this needed an acronym?"

I can just imagine a load of people shouting this acronym out loud. I can barely say it to myself without feeling like I am going to get a nosebleed or accidentally summon some sort of ancient spirit from the grave.


I was at a complete loss as to what this sign was trying to say, until someone finally commented, "DIG INN. Nice name just poor execution on that sign." Now that I know what it is trying to say, I can't see how I missed it.

Not The Best Idea In The World...

"This coupon was mixed in with the dog food. I barely noticed it, saw just the tiniest bit of blue/clear plastic sticking out after I poured the food into my dog's bowl," explained this person. Why would you ever think that anyone would be digging through dog food looking for something like this?

"I'm just gonna leave this here..."

I bet that the sound quality out of these bad boys is absolutely stellar, I would trust Dr. Dry's recommendation more than any other producer! Also, Dr. Dry Sounds like the guy that Ben Shapiro gets his medical advice off.

"The way our Safety Manager stores the CPR training dummies."

Good God, I think that would have to move them, or reorganise them at the very least! I do not think that I would like feeling as though I were interrupting a plastic orgy every time that I entered this room!

"My mom sent me this and said 'a weather forecast that really stinks.'"

You just know that this person's mother was absolutely over the moon when they saw this and thought of that joke. I also bet that they forwarded this to every single person that they know... And why should they not.

"So thoughtful of this shop owner in Berlin, he put the shop name up in Braille!"

Maybe they should put a ladder up to this braille outside the shop, that would perfectly solve every problem with this! Sure, they could just put another braille sign at a normal level, but where is the fun in that?

"Yo, wtf do I do...?"

One thing is for sure, you do not want to turn off your PC. I am assuming that the update that it is trying to complete is teaching your PC how percentages work? If not then it should probably get on that next.

"Supplying your restaurant AC through the giant inlet next to the toilet."

Mmmm, I am sure that this really helps this restaurant to keep the tables freed up throughout the day! I do not know what monster came up with this idea, but I kind of have a morbid sense of respect for them.

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