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37 People Who Didn’t Really Think Things Through

Where would humanity be without careful planning? Well, we'd probably be in an incredibly unstable political maelstrom, facing apparent worldwide natural disasters, and living in a world in which some people still consider James Corden tolerable.

However, thinking things through can be overrated, sometimes it's more satisfying just to take action and ask questions later! I mean, this is obviously not the case, just as these 14+ people who didn't really think things through found out much to their chagrin.

What An Unfortunate Movie Season

Reddit | PinkFloydJoe

I suspect that whoever put those titles up is either completely aware of what they have done, or is so naively innocent that it hurts.

"Be careful what you wish for..."

Reddit | TheLastRealMan

You should always look into your hairdresser before asking them to take on a challenge such as this. Everyone has experienced that one terrible haircut in their life, and the painful memory stays with you forever.

"My university is giving away Ben & Jerry's tonight, I feel they should have thought things through when choosing the event's name..."

Reddit | koko_koala94

This slogan was about as ill-thought-through as the plot to literally any of the Resident Evil movies... and for some unbeknownst reason, I've seen them all.

"Real sign in the city where I work."

Reddit | systemsofromance

I can't even say that I really understand the point of the sign in its intended context.

"Someone's out there photoshopping teeth onto babies and it's my new reason to live"

Reddit | meowroarhiss

If by "reason to live" you mean "nightmare fuel" then you're spot on! Who could ever want this in their life? Psychopaths, that's who!

This Funeral Services Advert

Reddit | Illumablocki

I mean, I guess if you look at it literally then it is a pretty bob on advertising strategy, if a little risqué!

"Thanks Management"

Reddit | alexisGodly

That is one hell of an intimate service this store offers. Also, who in their right mind would spend 3€ on one of those bland bracelets?

Pasta Shaped Like "Lake Garda"

Reddit | CookiePixell

Ah Lake Garda, one of the most beautiful locations on the planet known for its flawlessly clear water, ruined here by its lurid and comical pasta rendering.

"Forgot I had a dentist appointment and didn't have time to change. They think I am crazy in the waiting room."

Reddit | Possibly_

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is really starting to feel like it has run its course at this point.

"These bathroom stalls"

Reddit | TheRealBearSloth

Bathroom stalls literally have one function, to provide you with privacy while you defecate. What bathroom designer doesn't understand that basic principal?

Preserving Anonymity

Reddit | Maelarion

I like to imagine that the person who blurs out people's faces was trying to charge more to blur out the reflection, so they just thought, "Ah, people probably won't even realise it's the same person!"

"A solar-powered streetlight under a bridge in Hong Kong"

Reddit | tldfr

What do you think came first, the solar panel street light, or the inconvenient bridge?

Fire The Editor

Reddit | psiwakoti1

Oh George, and to think that you were just trying to do something nice and this is how they repay you, with cheap innuendo and mockery!

"The Braille on the 'ALARM' and 'STOP' button on this bus are the same"

Reddit | YaBoiJasper

Someone who knows braille in the comments pointed out that this symbol is an "s"... for "Salarm" one would presume?

"I was so preoccupied with the thought of whether I could win 10 giant bears from Knott's Berry Farm, I didn't stop to think whether I should."


Whoever this person lives with is in for one hell of a shock when this person gets back from their "innocent day out to Knott's Berry Farm."

"They didn't really think this design through on my brother's wrestling shirt..."

Reddit | mnLIED

This is why you should always be prepared to fork out a little extra cash when you're having t shirts printed. Not only will they proof them for you, but they won't look like trash as well.

If this was a new addition, then I'm really not sure what they were thinking.

Reddit | WeirdOldShrimp

"Clearly, the answer isn't to actually finish our fence, but to make the part we actually do have look painful to touch."

Yeah, that'll show everyone you mean business.

Whoever was in charge of this Ukrainian history textbook isn't quite the scholar they thought they were.

Reddit | bb_brune

Because regardless of whether this photo of workers eating lunch atop this precarious girder was staged, we know for sure that Keanu Reeves wasn't there.

The man just ages very gracefully, people! He's not actually immortal.

I can't imagine somebody doing this by accident, but they still didn't think things through here.

Reddit | taytaylife

Whatever problem they were trying to solve by making these stalls as revealing as possible, it wasn't worth this.

The person taking the picture as five foot three, by the way. That's how little this is covering.

This looks like an accident, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they did this on purpose.

Reddit | Excal333

After all, even though Freddie Mercury was serious about his work, he also knew how to have some cheeky fun.

It was probably discovered by accident, though.

I can already hear the Europeans casually saying that this could have all been prevented with a roundabout.

Reddit | b-radical29

And while that's probably true, I don't believe they've considered the possibility that the urban planner behind this seriously hates humanity and wants to make sure that nobody gets anywhere smoothly.

That's about the only way this design could be considered a success.

While this is pretty clearly a flub, there are a couple of reasons to give this TV station some leeway.

Reddit | jxf

For one thing, this station is in Germany. I'll admit that if you told me to find Bavaria on a map without looking it up, I'd be as lost as whoever did this.

It's also worth noting that they fixed it within 10 minutes so residents of Colorado and Iowa can rest easy knowing the states didn't switch places without telling them.

From the looks of things, somebody couldn't have put this door in a worse place if they tried.

Reddit | ApeCommando

Not only does nobody have any reason to use this door, but it looks like the rest of crew had to finish the house around somebody's blunder.

Was the guy in charge of doors the boss' nephew or something?

At first, I was going to say something about the perils of planning a costume without thinking about how you'll go to the bathroom.

Reddit | WhatTheHelloYT

However, it turns out that this isn't a costume at all, but rather a moose figure that the restaurant owners chained to the urinal.

So now, my question is who do they think will feel comfortable enough to use that one now? If it doesn't work anyway, then this is kind of genius.

Otherwise, not so much.

For some reason, a contractor thought it would be a good idea to bury both the gas meter and the gas shutoff in cement.

Reddit | Steevo_no_jackass

Apparently, a lot of houses have it so that gas can still be shut off at the curbstop, but if that's not the case here, they're screwed in the event of a leak.

At least the reader won't be able to figure out how much their gas bill is?

I don't care how calm they're being about this. It doesn't make it any less of a terrible idea.

Reddit | JohnStamossi

If there's any life lesson I can impart here, it's that any plan that involves lighting your crotch on fire can definitely use a rethink.

If this was done on purpose, somebody has just made their life a whole lot harder.

Reddit | xxzach547xx

That because they're about to learn the hard way that it's way easier to convince livestock animals to go up some stairs than it is to get them back down.

Let's just hope they didn't need that balcony for anything because it belongs to the horse now.

Unfortunately, this is not what happened in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles remake.

Reddit | kekembas17

I might say that somebody accidentally thought this through better than Michael Bay and company did with the actual movie, but it's really just blunders all the way down.

Dancing by the fire may seem like a cool experience, but this is why it's best to back up a little bit.

Reddit | N1ghtv0re

It only takes one missed step to turn a fun get-together into a toppling Jenga tower of pain.

It's unclear what exactly happened here, but if one thing is clear here, it's the regret on her face.


My favorite part of her expression, however, is the lack of surprise. Whatever she did, it seems lot easier to understand why it didn't work in retrospect.

I suppose it's not impossible that this will work, but it'll come at a heavy cost if it does.

Reddit | b3l0n3

They may have enough might to treat a drill bit like a nail, but the drill itself probably won't survive the feat of strength it takes to do that.

Believe it or not, I'm not actually suggesting that whoever put the fish in here didn't think things through.


As long as they remember to feed it and change its water, I'm sure it'll be fine.

Instead, it's pretty obvious that somebody couldn't think of a candy that could possibly be as tasty as M&Ms or Mike and Ikes and their folly would be painfully obvious if not for the hero who put the fish here.

Let this serve as a powerful lesson. If you see a flyer for a wildlife park, be sure to check if they have a bus to tour you through the place.

Reddit | lookwilson

Because if they just expect you to use your car, this could be the fate that they're setting you up for.

And that's assuming the monkeys haven't already stolen your rear view mirrors by the time you get to the giraffes.

Putting a spoiler on the front of a car instead of the back is a cleverly ironic idea.

Reddit | JustYourAverageTot

However, it gets a lot less clever when you actually try to drive with that thing blocking your view. Stay safe out there, folks.

"Lots of controversy in my household over this"

Reddit | MontiferMole

Yes, quite simply yes, this is indeed a sandwich. If you disagree then please let me know why, but you are wrong.

"Had 10 people over and didn't double check to make sure TV would work for Superbowl"

Reddit | hayden2970

Jesus man, furnish your damn flat! Also, you must be able to hook that TV up to a laptop or something? You're living in the 21st Century!

"My town thought it would be a good idea to put those rental bikes in. Until this happened"

Reddit | emzieees

Somebody got very cold and wet for the sake of this joke, and I can kind of respect that. Unless they managed to throw that bike that incredible distance!