15+ Things That Were Designed For Failure

Now, I'm not Thomas Edison or anything, but I'm pretty confident that when you design something, the intention should be that it works. Otherwise, what's the point at all? Well, I think that thought may have slipped these people's minds because these ideas almost seem liked someone wanted them to fail.

I refuse to believe that these things were made like that on purpose, but maybe you should be the judge. Take a look at these pictures that I'm pretty sure someone designed for failure.

1. These shorts that missed the mark.

Reddit | DarthTheDaddy

I understand that lining up fabrics can be difficult, but at least make a bit of an effort when you know that there's going to be an image dead center.

2. This ashtray that identifies as something entirely different.

Reddit | [deleted]

It's hard enough knowing that you only have one intended purpose, but what happens what you want to be something more or different? Well, you put your proverbial foot down, that's what.

3. This Pikachu knockoff that has seen better days.

Instagram | @sadfolks

This resembles me after a long night of drinking and bad decisions, to be honest. I can't think of a better description for the word "suffering" than this — it's like looking into a mutated, yellow mirror.

4. This Mr. Burns cosplay that is so right that it's horribly wrong.

Reddit | SchindlerTheGrouch

It's not a secret that everyone's most hated character from The Simpsons is a monster, but at least he's a cartoon. Let's keep him that way, shall we?

5. This electric company who doesn't seem to want people to call them that badly.

Imgur | EfferenceCopy

If they do, they have a pretty dang messed-up way of showing it because the likelihood of someone reading Roman numerals that quickly as the van drives by is slim to nil.

6. These exam rules.

Instagram | @kalesalad

The teacher who put those rules into place is probably feeling pretty silly right now after this kid danced around them so gracefully.

7. This escalator to nowhere.

Reddit | [deleted]

If pop-culture knowledge serves me correctly, this thing is located right near the Springfield Monorail, the 50 Foot Magnifying Glass, and the Popsicle Stick Skyscraper. I still have no idea why it exists, though.

8. This heathen with no respect for pizza.

Instagram | @will_ent

I honestly didn't even know that extra pastry was a thing that you could order. This has to be an experiment, right? Surely, no one actually wants to eat this.

9. This dapper gent who needs to step away from the sewing machine.

Reddit | CapGunKid

And I don't wanna judge, but maybe the Crown Royal, too. I can't even imagine how many bottles had to die for this suit.

10. The person that came up with this face mask.

Twitter | @sophcianciulli

Don't you test-run these kinds of things before you release them to the general public? I'm sure whoever posted this is going to get some strongly worded fan mail after this.

11. This wonky mirror that cuts you into a million pieces.

Reddit | BeanBoy100

I'm gonna be honest...I own a mirror just like this. It's supposed to be a decorative piece, not the kind of mirror you actually use! I thought that was sort of obvious, but I guess not.

12. This half-hearted attempt to fix a broken wall.

Reddit | connexionwithal

Some would call this clever, and some would call it lazy, but I just call it an eyesore. I hope they didn't leave it like that for too long.

13. These anti-jeans that are barely there.

Reddit | chrzzl

Aren't these awful? Well, if you're part of the 0.00002% of people who, for some reason, want to buy a pair, they can be yours for the low price of $168! Seriously.

14. This bizarre resolution for a truck that's a bit too big.

Reddit | jetxobri

Isn't this the kind of thing you check before you buy the vehicle? Or the house? Or maybe you should just park in the driveway — have you ever thought of that?

15. This bizarre explanation on how to cut your pita bread.

Instagram | Instagram

I don't know if they're trying to be funny or start some kind of viral marketing, but it worked on both counts.

16. This...haircut? Tattoo? I don't even know what to call this.

eBaum's World | eBaum's World

If he's trying to advertise his favorite metal band, it's not working because those fonts are pretty much impossible to read.

17. Solar panels on parking meters are a great idea, but there's one problem here.

Imgur | theswee

You probably shouldn't install them inside a parking garage. Because, you know, they need the sun to work.

18. Someone definitely did this on purpose.

Imgur | WinningDays

It's kind of hilarious, but also proves that La Vie En Rose should rethink their gift card design. Don't make this so easy for the 14-year-olds.

19. Well, this kind of defeats the purpose of the ramp, doesn't it?

Imgur | bennibent

Like, the railing was made to fit this staircase. It's perfectly proportioned so the legs attach to either side of the ramp. That takes planning!

20. This is a very specific sign. 

Imgur | theswee

Like, maybe Benjamin Button could use this bathroom? No, wait, he doesn't fit the pregnant criterion. Clearly, this is just a way for the store to avoid ever having to clean their public washroom.

21. Even with a very tall step ladder, this is awkward.

Imgur | badassmuthawhodonttakenocrapoffanobody

To make any use of the drawer, you'd have to climb up to the side. Otherwise, you'll be in the way of even opening it. Why not just make the cupboard taller?

22. This seems safe, don't you think?

Imgur | error01

I really hope that this isn't the only emergency route for this building, because if so, no one is making it out of there safely.

23. This is the best fail ever.

Imgur | theswee

I have no idea what they're advertising, but just the idea of how this happened delights me. Clearly, the translator service didn't bother to give the message in the language they were translating from.

24. Was there ever a second floor to this store?

Imgur | cryogenian

Either way, I really think they should at least have some sort of safety barrier to prevent people from trying to walk up there.

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