Brutally Honest Tweets From Parents Trying To Get Through Summer

After several months in quarantine with their children, parents were looking forward to some freedom from being together 24/7.

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic still on the rise in many countries, summer camps and daycares have decided to stay closed throughout the summer months. Take it from parents who undergo the struggles of parenting all summer long, it ain't easy.

It's not summer unless mommy throws a tantrum.

Being stuck inside the house with the kids and trying to find something for them to do every single moment of every single day... no wonder mommy is crying. It's rough.

What vacation?

It may be summer, but there's no way that as a parent you are on vacation. Many our kids are on vacation from school, but you're never on vacation from being a parent.

Anything stronger?

The coffee has become so normal to me three times a day that I no longer have a use for it other than to keep away my headaches from not drinking coffee.

What now?!?

Summertime is the time where our kids get bruises and cuts every five minutes. So, might as well stock up on band-aids and first-aid kits to help with all the "ows."

It's a dog eat dog world.

Endless nights without sleep, coffee is gone, three kids at home— that does sound like what lead to the Hunger Games. It's a dog eat dog world out there, and parenting without caffeine isn't going to work.

Every single summer day.

Summer days are long to begin with, but with kids annoying you all day long, you are going to experience what feels like days with no end whatsoever. When is school beginning? I cannot wait.

Definitely the latter.

Do kids just wait for the summer to come around to bother us the most? Maybe they bother their teachers more during the school year and then they're too tired at home.

The Wizard of OMG I'm so tired.

There's no place like home unless home is four kids running around without clothes on begging to go to the beach. Someone, help me. Send in the troops.

Parenting is like:

Our kids always want to do the things we tell them not to do, so maybe if we tell them they CAN use the saw, they won't want to use it.

Need a break from the kids.

I will continue to stay in my bedroom with coffee and my Netflix account until the kids go back to school. I don't want to see them until September!

Can someone explain this to me?

Oh, sure. My kid claims he can never hear me even when I've asked him to clean his room three times. But as soon as that ice cream truck rolls around, it's like he has a new superpower: the ability to hear the faintest volume of music.

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