New TikTok Trend Has Divorced Women Trashing Their Wedding Dresses

A wedding dress holds a lot of memories. Typically your wedding day is the best day of your life. However, after a divorce, that can all change in a heartbeat.

Now, this wedding dress can be a source of pain and a reminder of what didn't work out. That's why some women have taken drastic measures to dispose of their wedding dresses online.

I was recently on TikTok when I stumbled upon a few videos that raised my eyebrows.

Unsplash | Thomas AE

You see, some ladies are taking their frustrations over a failed marriage on their wedding dresses. And the results are quite shocking, if not amusing to see.

Here's one example I'm talking about, ladies.

This woman went out into a field with a bottle of Fireball, a gas can, her wedding dress, and yes, a photographer friend. Ha, ha! And then some fun was bound to happen. Let's see how it went.

It seems that this lady was betrayed, and that's how she ended up divorced.

So, instead of pouring her heart out, she poured the Fireball on the dress and lit it up. And then she drank straight from the bottle, lol.

Oh my goodness!

Now for you to really appreciate this, you need to see this video. Isn't it dramatic or what? But I have to admit it also looks like fun. I'm happy that she turned this situation on its head.

Her video pretty much went viral and got 1.4-million likes.

And judging from the comments, this act of destroying the wedding dress resonated with many ladies. She received a lot of encouraging messages and praise for having fun with it.

Here's another lady who took things into her own hands.

This time she didn't burn the dress. She poured wine all over it and cut it into pieces. I have to say I like the drinking and burning the dress idea better, hee-hee.

And so do the other ladies.

Yes, that's right, it's a shame to waste good wine. I hope at least she bought a cheap one for this purpose, ha, ha! Boy, did she ever go to town ripping that dress apart, huh?

Last but definitely not least, I found this gorgeous lady.

She did the most stunning photoshoot behind a backdrop of her wedding dress burning away. She certainly channeled her energy beautifully here. What do you think? Aren't these pictures like an editorial spread or something?

So what's your verdict on this?

If anything (God forbid) should go wrong with your marriage, could you see yourself destroying your wedding dress? I think that's such a drastic step. But having said that, it does look like a cathartic kind of fun, no?