People Are Sharing Wedding Hacks To Help The Big Day Go Off Without A Hitch

They call the day of a wedding 'the big day' for good reason. It's one of, if not the, biggest day of many people's lives.

While everyone wants things to be perfect, there are about a million ways a wedding can go wrong.

Fortunately, the good people at r/LifeProTips have some excellent suggestions to help make the big day go just a bit more smoothly.

Eat lunch before doing your hair and makeup.

The wedding ceremony can be an emotional time, and you don't want to be feeling faint during your vows. This means it's crucial to not have an empty stomach.

Eating your meal before putting on your fancy clothes and doing your makeup is an easy way to avoid messes.

Make cheques a little easier.

It's a nice idea to make a cheque out to "Mr. and Mrs. [married name]", but cheques can't clear until the name change is official. To make things simpler, just use maiden names instead.

Make sure you're wearing clothes you can dance in.

Wedding suits and dresses can often be uncomfortable, which makes it tough to truly let loose on the dance floor at the end of the night. Make sure your wardrobe has some flexibility.

Make your photos Photoshop-ready.

Unsplash | Blake Cheek

When taking wedding photos, make sure to take a pic of just the background before getting everybody into frame. This makes it much easier to play around with the photos later in Photoshop.

Record the music.

Unsplash | Mert Kahveci

If you have a wedding playlist, make sure to save it so you can remember your big day.

Alternatively, if you have a live DJ or live band, ask them to record the set for later listening.

Get your stuff in order.

Unsplash | Kelly Sikkema

It's easy to get so carried away with wedding planning that you don't pay any attention to what married life will look like.

Make sure you're on the same page with regard to kids, housing, and retirement before you walk down the aisle.

Go to smaller jewelers.

Big name jewelers might advertise a lot, but they have a big box store approach to things. Rather than going to them, find an independent jeweler with good reviews. There's a reason they're in business.

Create a special email account.

Unsplash | Stephen Phillips -

Handling RSVPs and vendor emails is a hassle, and it can quickly fill up your inbox. Instead of using your personal email, create a special email address just to handle wedding stuff.

Don't tell vendors you're getting married.

Unsplash | David Holifield

This might sound counterintuitive, but lots of vendors charge more when they know they're prepping for a wedding. Try being a little bit cagey about what you're planning.

Learn to be a good roommate.

Unsplash | Renate Vanaga

Your spouse is going to be, essentially, a lifelong roommate. Make sure you know how to be a good roommate before you commit to spending a lifetime together.

Give useful gifts to groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Unsplash | Nick Karvounis

Commemorative trinkets are nice and all, but giving people gifts they can really use — perhaps a tool or gadget of some kind — is way more useful.

Keep tabs on the mic.

Nothing ruins a wedding like an awkward speech. Don't let the DJ or MC give the mic to just anyone. Make sure that only approved people go up to the podium to speak.

Remember the flowers you used.

Unsplash | Wedding Photography

Get your florist to write down the flowers they put in your bouquet. That way, you can recreate the effect in years to come if you want to remember your wedding.

Get her nails done before you propose.

Unsplash | Ke Vin

Proposal photos are popular these days, and if your wife-to-be wants to show off her new ring, she'll want to do it with a fresh manicure. Take her out to get her nails done before you pop the question.

Have fun!

At the end of the day, a wedding is just a big party with family and friends. Try not to stress or make things perfect. Once the ceremony starts, it's time to have fun.