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People Are Sharing The Pettiest Reasons Behind A Divorce They've Ever Heard

Over the course of all human history, there have been thousands of millions of divorces of varying difficulties, reasonings, and outcomes. However, one Reddit post sought to find divorces of a particular type.

The question that was originally asked was, "Lawyers of Reddit, what is the pettiest reason you've ever seen for divorce?" People of all employments, not just lawyers, came together to share their stories of some petty, petty divorces.

Messy eater.

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"My father in law and mother in law's breaking point was when he threw a breadcrumb at her from across the kitchen. The divorce took 4 years to settle." All that over one tiny crumb.

Being a wet blanket. Er, towel.

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"[The] husband kept putting wet/used towel on their bed."

Now this one I kind of get. It makes the bed gross, it smells musty, just hang it up!

A real second life.

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"I had a client who with his wife were into a computer game like The Sims only more x rated, I think it was called Second Life, where you have an avatar and can interact with other people's avatars. He suspected his wife of, through her avatar, hijinks and made his own avatar to stalk her in the game. Sure enough her avatar was doing the dirty with some dude's avatar. That was it for my client."

Sweating it out.

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One user shared a story of their coworker and his wife. In high school, he used to be rather muscular, but fell out of working out and now was just skinny. Apparently, his wife had seen some old photos of him and liked how he looked, urging him to start working out again.

He agreed that he missed it, so he started going to the gym four times a week. Of those four days, though he was really only working out for two of them, spending the other two in the sauna. When his wife found out that he wasn't working out as rigorously as she thought, she filed for divorce over it.

Struggling sports.

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"Not sure if pettiness was attached but one contributing reason to a divorce I saw was that mom wanted her son to play soccer and dad didn’t."

Interesting that no one thought to ask what the son wanted to do. Maybe he likes baseball.

Haunting Halloween.

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"A man wanted a divorce from his wife because - and he gave this example as the 'last straw' - his wife ate those nasty pumpkin Halloween candies, like candy corn but pumpkin shaped. He had been looking forward to them all day and when he got home, she had eaten them all. He snapped."

A divorce over one of the worst Halloween candies out there. Not even mini Mars bars or anything good!

Improper pressure.

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"Wife wanted divorce like 2 months into marriage because the husband would squeeze the toothpaste from the top and not bottom. She claims to have told him a millions times over to stop. Would have been easier to get 2 toothpastes [I] thought."

You're right, it would have been easier, but if this is how they want to problem solve...

Reduce, reuse...

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"[...] my brother’s 4th wife divorced him because she found out the ring he’d used was originally his 3rd wife’s. They deserved each other."

I guess she's not a fan of recycling?

Party pooper.

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"[...] my dad divorced my mom because she didn’t throw enough parties. Now he lives alone. He neither throws nor goes to parties."

To make this truly come full circle, we need to know if your mom does throw parties now.

Old dog, no new tricks.

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"I know a guy who divorced his wife [because] she refused to learn to cook a certain fish dish his mom used to cook lol."

Do these husbands know they can also learn to cook? Like, they're fully capable of cooking for themselves.

Unwanted attention.

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"[...] I'd like to put forward my own mother's top reason for divorcing my father. 'Farts loudly in public'."

Listen, there's only so many times you can stand to be publically humiliated before it becomes too much.

A problem that money can't solve.

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"My Mom's coworker divorced over dishes in the dishwasher. The wife would get so frustrated over the husband (coworker) not rinsing dishes before he loads them in the dishwasher. To compromise, they bought a super nice, top of the line dishwasher. Solves the problem, right? She yelled about the dishes that night. He filed for divorce the next day."

Lost in the sauce.

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"[...] apparently my brother divorced his wife when McDonald’s forgot to put bbq sauce in with her chicken nuggets at the drive through and she asked him to go back and get some. He didn’t and then I guess she started smashing up food and throwing it at him/out the window [...]."

Something tells me this was more about her reaction than the actual sauce.

No spice.

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"My first internship in law school was at a family law firm. Did work on one case where a couple divorced after 48 years of marriage. The guy said he finally got sick of her cooking."

There's only so many times you can eat the same meatloaf, y'know?

Dandruff distancing.

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"Dandruff. Wife didn't like that the [husband's] dandruff would flow into her face when riding a bike."

In her defense, that sounds like an absolutely horrid thing to experience.

Resource management.

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"Her husband came home one day asking her to give a higher financial contribution on the groceries, because she, as a lady, was using more toilet paper than him. She took it as a joke and had a good laugh. He got mad, and asked for divorce. Worth mentioning that his salary was 3 times higher than her one."

Maybe we should *talk* this out.

Unsplash | Ümit Yıldırım

"My dad was a lawyer, not me. He once told me that a divorce came in because the wife would just scream at the top of her lungs randomly."

There's nothing wrong with expressing your emotions, even in the weirdest, most startling of ways.

One small misstep.

Unsplash | Bogdan Karlenko

"[...] my wife left me cause she didn't like the way I fell down a step."

That's really adding insult to injury. Or maybe injury to injury. Depends how you see it.

High expectations.

Unsplash | Olga Kononenko

"[...] my uncle once divorced a woman because she got a surgery and he felt she was being too wimpy about it."

I'm going to go ahead and assume he's never had surgery in his life, or if he has, he has some condition where he can't feel pain.

Strange currency.

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"My aunt used to work as a divorce lawyer. The worst one was a couple fighting over a hamster (of which took so long the thing died before they were settled). She said it was a bargaining chip to win favor from their children. At that rate just buy another hamster!"

If all your children need to be completely won over and influenced is a hamster, you should maybe raise your kids to have better standards.

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