Now, There's Something Called Whipped Lemonade (People Actually Like It)

TikTok has become an app that has given us quite a lot over the last few years. From shopping hauls to home hacks, TikTok users are sharing their knowledge with us all and we're not mad about it.

Even during the pandemic, people were coming up with new recipes and delicious mix-ups — because who can forget the ever so popular whipped coffee trick?

Now, TikTok users are creating a brand new whipped drink to try.

Much like whipped coffee, whipped lemonade is perfect for those hot days where you need an ice-cold drink to cool down. Truth be told, it looks delicious and would probably go great with some vodka added to it.

It's also easy to make!

First, you'll need to add three cups of ice to your blender. Then, add two cups of whipped cream and 1/2 cup of sweetened, condensed milk. Sure, you may think milk and lemonade don't go hand-in-hand, but this gives it a sweet taste and acts as a thickener.

Next, you'll need fresh lemons.

Don't use any of those powder mix packets, but instead grab fresh lemons and squeeze out 1/2 cup of fresh lemon juice. This makes it taste that much better and gives it more flavor.

Once you've added the lemon juice to the blender, blend until thick and smooth.

When you finish blending, add it to your favorite glass and garnish!

Keep it classy by just topping off with a straw, or you can fancy things up and add a lemon wedge and some extra whipped cream on top.

Truthfully, I'll be adding a little bit of alcohol to mine.