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Viral TikTok Calls Out Disney Parks For Taking Away 'Free Perks'

Everyone remembers their first trip to Disney World. The theme park is synonymous with people's childhoods and, families love to go there to create wonderful memories that their kids will remember forever.

While Disney World is something every child dreams of doing, it's a very expensive trip that can cost thousands of dollars for parents. That's why Disney has always offered "free perks" for many guests.

There were many perks that guests had when booking their trip to Disney.

Now, a viral TikTok is exposing that Disney World is "doing away" with many of the free perks that visitors used to have and jacking up the prices. One person online said these changes are making the park less accessible for the "middle class." Many others have chimed in to express their outrage over the removal of the free perks.

According to the TikTok, Disney is ending or discontinuing the perks that they have had for years.

The TikTok, shared by Disney fan account @themouselets, claimed one of the free perks ending is the free magic wristband program for all guests who stay on-site. The wristband allows guests to access their FastPasses, plans, and vacation choices. Now the bands will cost $29.99 each.

Another perk ending is the free transportation.

Disney World offers the Magical Express, a free motorcoach that drives from Orlando International Airport and the Disney Resort hotels. For many, this was a convenient and easy way to get from the airport to the hotel. Now, Disney has announced they are "discontinuing" the Magical Express starting January 2022.

And, finally, the TikTok reports that Disney is letting go of the live entertainment shows.

The free, live entertainment shows that happen sporadically throughout the park have also ended, with no reports of when they'll be back.

TikTok users point out that Disney World is making everything "less magical" and harder to enjoy. One user pointed out, "Why would any of us pay the outrageous hotel prices if there aren't any perks?"

What do you think of these changes?