16 Hacks Homeowners Will Want To Start Using

We love a good hack around here. From camping hacks to DIYs, there's nothing we like better than rolling our sleeves up and trying out something new.

Homeowners, these hacks are for you. We've got your picture-hanging hacks, your junk mail hacks, your food hacks — you name it, we've got it all!

Hang lights easily!

Use shower hooks to loop your holiday lights over your curtains! This will save you so much time, so many headaches, and so many holes in your wall.

Best of all, you can literally buy shower hooks in a pack at the dollar store. We love a cheap and easy decor hack!

Stop your garbage bag from sliding!

There's nothing more frustrating than having your garbage bag slide right back into your bin. Strap the bag to the side of the bin with an adhesive Command hook! I swear, these hooks can literally do anything.

Never screw up hanging stuff again.

"When hanging something with two hooks, use painter's tape to get exact markings and a level on the wall. Hammer in your nails, and peel away the tape!" one Reddit user suggested.

You could use this hack to help you hang so many things!

Catch companies in the act.

"When you sign up for websites, sign up for them using the website name as your first name so when they sell your information, you know who to confront."

Oooo, I definitely want to try this but I'm also terrified of finding out who is selling my info.

Cake hack!

"Wanna store cake in a container but don’t want to dig it out later? Flip a Tupperware upside down and use the lid as the bottom," one Reddit user said.

This is one of those solutions that is so obvious, and yet, I never thought of it myself.

Protect your skin from oil!

This is hilarious, but I bet it works beautifully. If you're cooking with oil, find something to protect your skin from any of the hot oil! There's nothing worse than getting burned while trying to cook a delicious meal.

Trick your kids into helping your house smell fresh.

"My 4-year-old daughter is terrified of spiders so I put some good smelling body spray and water in this little spray bottle. She sprays it wherever she doesn’t want there to be spiders. My whole house smells amazing," said this Reddit user.

Honestly, parents everywhere should start doing this.

Save the bees!

Our well-being depends on a bee's well-being! Fill a bowl with marbles, add water, and make a nice little chill place for bees to hang out and hydrate. You can even get creative with it to make it into a decorative piece for your garden that also helps the bees!

Cleverly hide an off-center window.

If you don't have the budget to move or expand a window (and who does these days), hide it with a pair of curtains and a curtain rod! Now every time I see a curtain, I'm going to wonder if the window is actually off-center.

I had no idea sofas had these.

"If your sofa or loveseat has one of these little flaps made out of the same material as the sofa, you should know it is provided to test cleaning agents on," one Reddit user shared.

I have yet to see this in real life, but it's such a smart idea!

Store your cleaning supplies the smart way.

Storing cleaning supplies is actually a struggle. If you don't want them cluttering up under your sink, why not try hanging a shoe organizer and stocking it with your essentials?

It's worth noting that these shoe organizers can hold a ton of stuff: toys, tools, cords... you name it, this organizer will store it.

Well, I had no idea Christmas lights had these.

If your lights stop working, you should check the plug — there might just be some replacement fuses hidden in it! BRB, regretting ever single string I've ever thrown out.

Make sure to shut your water off before using this helpful hack.

"When replacing a spigot, sometimes the plastic locknuts stick. Reversing [pliers] fits over the obstacles and gives you the needed leverage."

I have no idea what this means, but I know it's useful.

Ditch the bad smells.

I am 100% going to do this next time I swap my bags out. This hack will keep your bin from collecting smells, and it'll catch any liquid in your garbage! I've also heard adding a dryer sheet to your garbage can help deodorize yucky smells.

Never lose your spot in your garden again.

"My solution to remembering where my flower bulbs are so I can plant more this fall! Accent pebbles Gorilla glued to golf tees."

As someone who is deeply forgetful, I think this is GENIUS.

Just be careful with that Gorilla glue — that stuff does not play around.

Kiss junk mail goodbye.

"Rip up junk mail and send it back with the included business reply envelope. The business gets charged per returned mail piece."

I am begging businesses to stop wasting paper on flyers. Spam my inbox like a responsible company.