People Can't Handle TikToker Who Grates Their Chicken For Recipe

TikTok user janinemangana recently sparked a social media outcry.

In a recent video, Janine outlines the steps and ingredients for making grated chicken breast with cheese

That's right — apparently, people grate chicken. And as you may have already imagined, most people on the internet are pretty clucking mad over the news.

The first thing that Janine's recipe calls for is to grate 500g of chicken breast.

First of all, grating chicken has got to be one of the most unsanitary things that you could ever do. Tiny pieces could easily get caught and become a breeding ground for salmonella.

Also, they sell ground chicken at the grocery store. Why would you ruin two perfectly good chicken breasts?!

The comments section of Janine's video is awash with people who share the same outrage.

Horror and morbid curiosity seem to sum up the majority of viewers' sentiments perfectly. People seem absolutely baffled as to why Janine would choose to go about her recipe in this manner.

Others questioned why Janine chose to grate her own chicken but not her own cheese?

As unappealing as the grated chicken undoubtedly is, those fat slices of processed cheese are enough to make your stomach start doing cartwheels.

Michael is right about one thing — Janine most certainly is a savage.

While some seriously wondered whether or not Janine was simply trolling her audience.

TikTok user steve's_knees wrote "Still can't tell is this is...real? grating chicken a thing?"

What do you think? Is Janine serious or just clucking around? Leave a comment and let us know!