Stylist Shares Photos From Clients Who Took The Risk And Got Short Hair

Women get so attached to their hair. I can definitely attest to that. And it's true what they say: There's nothing better than a good hair day.

A great haircut can bring out the best in you when it's done right. These ladies took the plunge and chopped off their hair, and as you can see, they have no regrets at all. Let's take a look at these photos from hairstylist Kristina Katsabina.

1. This Bold And Beautiful Beauty

Talk about a dramatic hair transformation, huh? This lady's hair color was already quite unusual. But now, this short 'do is also making a statement. Which one do you like better, the before or the after picture?

2. This Sassy Look

Sometimes long hair can age a person. I think that was the case with this lady here. I much prefer a shorter hairdo on her. I think it makes her look a lot more fun and sassy.

3. This Great Transformation

I've always wanted long hair. Ever since I was a kid, my mom would insist on cutting my hair. Now that my hair has been long for some time, I'm longing for a cute short look. This transformation has inspired me!

4. This Fun Style

This lady is a classic example of somebody in dire need of a new style. Her original hairdo was plain and a bit unflattering. Now, she can definitely turn some heads with this fierce look, no?

5. This Beautiful Hairdo

Wow, not only am I impressed with this short haircut, but I'm in love with this beautiful color, too. I wish I knew the name of the hue so I can consider coloring my hair like this.

6. This Pretty Look

Looking at this lady's before picture, I can see why she needed a change. Her look wasn't doing her any justice. But this new style looks so polished and fresh. I'm really impressed with it, that's for sure.

7. This Super Cute Hairdo

I don't know about you, but I'm falling in love with this lady's current hairdo. If I could get my fine hair to stand up like this, I would absolutely get a haircut like this one, hee-hee.

8. This Blonde Beauty

Life already blessed this lady with beautiful blonde locks. However, I don't think the style suited her that much. This new look is so much more modern and stylish. I'm really digging this style on her.

9. This Bold Change

Oh my goodness, kudos to this lady for making such a bold change. She was probably able to donate a lot of her hair here. Shedding the length never looked better than it does on her. Do you agree?

10. This Amazing Style

As I said before, I love long hair, but it's not always an ideal choice for everyone. Sometimes, a powerful short hairdo is all you need to stand out from the crowd. I think this look totally suffices here.

11. This Powerful Change

Talk about taking a chance here, right? I bet it was hard to let go of those long locks. I can relate to that. However, I think this lady is really happy with this new style direction.

12. This Slick 'Do

I love how silky this lady's hair is here. It looked okay long, but now this short hairdo really shows off the wonderful shine. Do you agree with me on this one? What a masterful haircut, huh?

13. This Super Fun 'Do

Oh my goodness, how amazing is this short hairdo here, huh? I wish I had curly hair like this pretty lady here. Her new haircut makes her look so much better than before. Don't you think?

14. This Softly Styled Pixie Cut

Even though this woman was already rocking a shorter hairdo, it was time to give this look a fresh start. Now, this delicate pixie cut looks more polished and the subtle side bangs add a touch of sweetness to this look.

15. This Sassy Cut

Sometimes a good haircut can change your whole appearance and these photos are proof of that. This short and sassy cut really highlights this woman's beautiful cheekbones. She looks like a totally different person! The next time you need a whole new look, start by booking an appointment with your stylist.

16. This Dramatic Transformation

Let's be real: this long hairstyle really wasn't adding anything to this client's look. The hair was kind of just... hanging there. With her new short 'do, you can see her beautiful face. This new style definitely lets her personality shine through.

17. This Big Chop

I strongly encourage everyone to do one big chop at least once in their lives. It can be a little terrifying, but it's honestly so liberating. If you're still not sure, check out these photos from one client who took the plunge. I have to say, I'm loving her new side-swept style.

18. Say Goodbye To That Braid

Braids are fun and all, but they are also annoying, right? First, you have to make sure you always have a hair tie on hand, and secondly, on a hot summer day, you're going to notice that braid on your neck real fast. This new short cut must feel so much better!

19. This Jaw-Dropping Makeover

All I can say when I look at these photos is, wow. It looks like this client lost the long locks and found her inner boss babe. She looks ready to take on the world with this new haircut, which is exactly how everyone should feel after a new haircut.

20. This Face-Framing Look

What I love about this pixie cut is how the stylist swept the bangs up and over to create a face-framing effect that also has some volume behind it. It's an easy-to-style look that's effortless and also really fun. I'm loving this take on the traditional pixie cut.

21. From Short To Shorter

This client decided to take her tousled bob to a new, shorter length and turn it into a tousled pixie cut. Her naturally wavy hair lends itself well to this in-between length. If you have wavy hair, this is a great low-maintenance cut to try!

22. This Fabulous Look

You know you need a change when you're this happy about a new haircut. As much as I liked this lady's long hair, I'm totally digging her new style here. Isn't it so fantastic? I love it.

Wow, how amazing are all these short looks here, huh?

I tell you, summer is the perfect time for a change like this one. Shedding the extra length never looked better than it does on these ladies. Which look is your favorite?