15 People Who Managed To Pull Off A DIY Haircut

As someone who has been cutting her own hair for a while now, I know how hard it can be to get it right.

A lot more goes into cutting hair than you'd think. While it is definitely best left up to the professionals, sometimes we don't always have the time or money to hit the salon. And while some DIY haircuts can go drastically wrong, these cuts went so, so right.

This chop is SO chic.

This one was done with hairdressing scissors, which anyone who has cut their own hair or wants to cut their own hair should absolutely have. It looks so good!

This DIY cut and shave looks great.

The fade from the sideburns up to his hairline looks SO good. This cut was done during the 2020 lockdown — you know, when we were all trapped inside? I do not miss those days.

I 100% would have assumed a professional did this cut.

The layers around the face are very, very well done. It doesn't look choppy at all, and the shorter cut suits her perfectly. It must be such a relief to chop that much hair off!

Gotta love a good bob.

This first-time at home cutter got some praise from a cosmetologist on Reddit! They suggested thinning out the sides to tame down on the puffy ends, but otherwise loved the results. Me too!

I would kill for this natural hair color.

Reddit | katiebuhg33

"This is my natural hair, I don't use any products except usually herbal essence and I don't style except to upside down blow dry the roots. I have also been cutting my own hair for the past 5 years."

These pink curls got a little trim!

"Cut my own hair a while back and decided to give myself bangs [...] and I think it turned out preeeeetty dang good if I do say so myself" It looks AMAZING.

This cut and color is so bright and fun!

The fact that her hair was colored at home is actually shocking to me. It's professional-level coloring! It looks so good and I genuinely think she could go into hair styling in the future.

This big chop came out SO cute.

This user said they felt like they had truly found themselves with this cut. It was a challenge to get right, especially with the back parts of the hair, but I'd say it came out beautifully. LOVE that swoop.

This cut was a team effort.

After a series of bad haircuts, @lindsay.m.wilkins decided to chop her own hair. She then had her partner, Chris, clean up the fine details. Now it's their normal hair routine!

These bangs are EVERYTHING.

"So I moved to a new city and couldn’t find someone to cut my hair, so I did it myself. Gave myself these '70s shaggy bangs and some more volume just by cutting curl by curl.

It’s still a little unrefined, but it’s a learning curve for me. I’ve never cut my own hair."

Regular trimming keeps these curls looking stunning.

"Personally I trim my hair pretty often it’s not that I need to, it’s more about the goal I have for my hair. I want my curls even and growing in the same density and thin knees from roots to ends."

This color is to die for.

"Decided to cut my own hair today because the ends were getting sad and I’m still social distancing, and I’m in love with the final results. I’m most proud of the back being mostly even."

These DIY bangs are legit goals.

I love everything about this. Her hair color? Gorgeous. Her makeup? Gorgeous. THOSE BANGS? GORGEOUS! They're the perfect wispy, face-framing bangs that celebrities have. Goals af.

This hair is princess hair.

And it was entirely cut at home! Reddit user milosrealmom followed this YouTube tutorial to cut their own hair, and it looks amazing. 10/10, would follow that tutorial too.

These layers are flawless.

It's not easy to pull off a long, layered look despite what people might think. This haircut honestly looks like a professional did it!