Stylist Shares Dramatic Before-And-After Photos Of Clients Who Chopped Off Their Hair

If you've been considering a hairstyle change, the new year might be the right time to do so. I, myself, am thinking of chopping off some of my long locks.

However, it's not a decision I take lightly, especially because it took me a long time to grow my hair. But if my hair ends up looking like these examples, I wouldn't mind it at all.

Moscow-based hairdresser Kristina Katsabina is a master when it comes to short hairdos.

She was able to transform her look, and since then, she has fallen in love with short hairstyles. Now she treats her clients to amazing transformations you have to see.

Sometimes all you need in order to gain new-found confidence is a perfectly suitable haircut.

That's exactly what Kristina does for her clients. She wants to give them a fresh new look to match their charisma and personality. I think she does it very well.

Before Kristina became a full-time hairstylist, she was also teaching Spanish and worked as a translator and choreographer.

It took her a while to find her true calling. Now that she has, she's embracing her job fully and really enjoying what she's doing.

She wants other women to feel as confident and as good about themselves as she does.

That's why she takes her time to create these amazing transformations. It's the process of the metamorphosis her clients go through that she enjoys the most.

When she started working as a hairstylist, more and more clients started coming to her to get short haircuts.

Now, she almost exclusively works to give people these types of short hairdos. And, of course, now even more folks are flocking to have her work on their hair.

She believes that cutting off someone's hair gives you a different perspective on their whole appearance.

Kristina works hard to give her clients suitable haircuts based on their preferences, personality, and even the person’s overall charisma. Isn't that a cool approach to have?

It's amazing what a good haircut can do for a person. Don't you think?

In some cases, a properly styled short hairdo can take years off of a woman's appearance. I think this is exactly what happened in this lady's case.

Even a younger person can benefit from a refreshing new style.

Certain hairdos can bring your look down. But when you get a good haircut, your face will just light up. Doesn't this young woman look so stylish and fun?

To be frank, not everyone looks good with long hair.

Some faces are more suitable for a short hairstyle after all. I think this pretty lady is the perfect example of that. Do you agree with me? This short hairstyle looks way better on her.

Even if your hair was short to begin with, Kristina could still elevate your look with her masterful hair cutting skills.

I think this is a perfect example of that. The new hairdo this lady got is so much more suitable for her face.

A shorter hairdo can make you look a lot more chic and fresh.

It is especially true if you're a young person. I bet this lady loved her long locks, but in the end, she looks like she's digging her shorter hair here.

It might be hard at first to embrace such a drastic change.

But once the initial shock wears off, you can rock your new look. I think this lady is doing that right about now. She looks pretty spectacular here, no?

Doesn't it seem to be a similar situation in this lady's case?

She looked okay with her long hair, but now she's having so much fun embracing her new look. I totally love this awesome transformation here. What do you think?

Can you see yourself chopping most of your hair off in favor of a shorter and more stylish hairstyle?

I have to admit, looking at these stunning looks is making me want to do it, too. I wish Kristina lived near me, ha, ha!

Speaking of chic, what do you think of this bold hairdo?

I loved this lady's long locks, but I do enjoy this new side of her too. What do you think? Which look is your favorite? I want to know your opinion on this.

And how about these plain Jane locks?

Didn't this lady get such a fun makeover here? From the looks of it, she seems to be enjoying it quite a lot, huh? I love the confidence that came with her new 'do.

There's something really special about chopping your hair off.

It gives you a chance to get rid of split ends and elevate your look. I think this is exactly what this short 'do accomplished for this young woman here, and I dig it.

Speaking of elevating your look, don't you think this short hairstyle suits this lady much better here?

I think her hair gained much-needed volume, and therefore looks a lot fuller and healthier. The other longer style did absolutely nothing for her.

Oh my goodness, how fun is this little hairdo?

I would never have guessed this lady would look like this after chopping off her hair. What about you? Did you envision this kind of transformation here? I'm pleasantly surprised.

Why settle for hair that doesn't suit your face and personality?

When you could take your look to the next level, huh? I think this young woman is ready to take on whatever life throws at her with this awesome new hairdo.

Go bold or go home. Am I right?

It must've been quite a change to see herself without all that hair volume. I wish I were a fly on the wall so I would be able to see how this lady reacted when she saw herself after this makeover.

Check out this little sweetie who took the plunge and cut off her hair.

Aw, doesn't she look so cute here? This shorter 'do is a much older look for this young lady. I wonder how her friends will feel about it?

Okay, looking at these stunning and masterful short hairdos, I feel a little bit more at ease about thinking of cutting my hair shorter.

If only I can find a hairstylist as talented as Kristina to take on my transformation. Are you ready to chop your hair off, too?

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