In Pure Zac Efron Fashion, He Broke His Grandfather Out Of A Nursing Home To Watch The Euro Cup

The Euro Cup is one of the biggest sporting events the world has to offer. It turns out that Zac Efron and his brother Dylan are quite the soccer fans —just like their dear old grandfather.

Only since gramps currently resides in a nursing home, he wasn't going to be able to enjoy the game the way it should be. Which is why Zac and his brother Dylan decided to bust him out: Mission: Impossible style.

If you know anything about Zac Efron, you know that he loves his grandparents.

Back in 2019, Efron gave tribute to his grandmother after she passed away by posting a family photo, promising that he would look after his grandfather.

In fact, him posting about breaking out his grandfather out of the nursing home isn't the first time he posts about his grandfather.

Back when his grandfather turned 91, Efron posted an extremely touching tribute to the man.

"Happy 91st Bday to the Original Efron!"

"The man who made it all possible! After the army-he Married my beautiful Grandma Dotty, raised three young Efrons- one of whom is one heck of a guy- my dad."

"And from the day I came into this world, taught me everything:"

"How to tell stories, ski, laugh, love, work hard, and appreciate the beautiful things in life: paying it forward, treat others as one would like others to treat oneself, and live every day to the fullest.

"I’ve never seen anyone light up a room like you Grandpa."

"Thanks for being my idol, mentor, best friend, and the BEST SKIER in the family. Happy 91 years Grandpa! I love you. I’ll See you and Grandma soon! Can’t wait to follow your tracks down the 🏔 and beyond."

So, needless to say, Efron's love for his family is out of this world, as it should be.

Which is what brings us to his most recent video, where he adorably broke his grandfather out of his nursing home so he could watch the Euro Cup.

The video begins with Zac dawning a mask and saying to the camera "We're gonna bust grandpa out of here."

Almost on cue, the theme song from Mission: Impossible begins to play as Zac slyly makes his way through the automatic doors of his grandpa's assisted living residence.

As Zac stalks through the halls, he pulls off a crafty albeit totally unnecessary somersault.

From there, Zac is able to swipe a key tag from one of the unsuspecting employees. With the ticket to his grandfather's freedom now in hand, Zac bounds down the hall toward his grandfather's door.

Zac steps inside the apartment and we see that his grandfather is ready to roll.

Grandpa Efron quickly dons his cap, looks into the camera, and yells "Let's get out of here!" Zac then casually wheels his grandfather through the nursing home, as if everything is normal, and out the door.

After a quick stop to refuel on Coca-Cola, Zac and his grandfather finally make it home to cheer on their team!

Mission accomplished! It's clear to see that acting runs in the family, as Zac's grandfather truly is a show-stealer.

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