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Women Are Sharing Their Nice Guy-Turned-Creepy Stories

It's a scary world out there for the single folk.

In addition to horrifying dates, we now have "nice guys" to worry about.

Yes, really. They may appear innocent, like a Ned Flanders type, but something creepy lies underneath.

For instance, they claim they're okay being "just friends," only to freakout the moment they're "friendzoned."

To learn more about these red flags, 10+ women who shared their nice-guy-turned-creepy stories.

The college friend.

Oh em gee.

One girl was in for the surprise of her life when the guy she had been friends with from college waited until his girlfriend was out of the room to say outlandish things.

This included wanting her to have his children and "taking him back" even though they never dated...

The door opener.

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"I still laugh about the time a guy was smiling and holding the door open for me until he saw my husband come around the corner. Then he frowned and closed the door before we got to it." - u/p00psymcgee

The "caring" guy.

"I once was out with friends and my drink was spiked. One dude stayed with me to take care of me and my other friends left because we all knew him. Turns out he spiked my drink himself so he could 'save me' and show me how caring he was." - sweetrhymepurereason

The social media posts.

Some girls are afraid to befriend guys since they don't want them to be accused of leading them on.

That's what happened to this girl whose "nice guy" started posting cringe-y things on Facebook, like, "I'm such a nice guy, why can't I get a girlfriend?"

The hero.

"I was potentially interested in an acquaintance. Spent some time with him, decided I didn't want to date him, said no when he asked me out. He kept calling me up to tell me he could see I was broken and he was going to save me." -u/SalamandrAttackForce

The pushy date.

A lot of women meet so-called nice guys on dates. That's what happened to this one girl who went out with a guy who seemed like a total gentlemen.

Later, though, he wouldn't stop texting her and asking for her address so he could come over.

The texter.

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"A guy asked for my number so I could text him about the botany club. I texted him about the botany club. He called me a [expletive] for leading him on when I have a boyfriend." - u/SpaceAgeUnicorn

The open mic.


One girl was paraded with compliments after she finished singing at open mic night.

The "nice guy" even offered to buy her a drink. She refused, but he bought it anyway. When she didn't want it, he called her a prude and said that she "wasted" his money.

The internship.

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"Met a guy while working an internship. We hit it off at first, he seemed nice at first, but he got awful when we hung out. I told him when he got to my house I wasn't going to have sex with him, so he spent the entire time basically sexually harassing me. He also got mean when I tried to call him out on it, giving me the silent treatment or making mean and sarcastic comments about what I said." - u/insertstrippername

The jealous guy.


"I was dating a woman and a man I knew from college began hitting on me. I told him who I was dating and he came off as very understanding, until he found out it was another woman. He became very agitated and started hurling insults at me." - Lob-Yingviously

The best friend.

"I dated my 'nice guy] best friend in undergrad who swore he was "different from other guys" after being there for me after a couple of failed relationships. I ended up breaking up with him and getting a restraining order after he threatened to shoot me." -u/HoosierHasBeen

Mr. Road Rage.

This girl worked at the mall with a guy who seemed super sweet. He would bring her Starbucks and eventually asked her out on a date.

On the drive over, though, he had the scariest case of road rage she'd ever seen.

The contacts.


"As a cashier I was ringing up some guy's purchases and he was super friendly, then he said I was pretty and had really nice eyes. I said 'thanks, they're actually contacts.' His whole demeanor changed. He said 'you bitch.'" - u/ringo24601

The pusher.

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"I had a guy ask me out on a date, all the while insisting he wasn't like 'other guys.' At the end of the night, he started to really push for sex. When I made it clear I wasn't ready for that, he got hostile, asking me why, etc." - u/itsakidsbooksantiago

The so-called feminist.

When a girl rejected a guy because she wasn't interested in him as more than a friend, he couldn't handle it.

He said, "my mum is a feminist so I was raised to be a nice guy and therefore you should date me."

The collector.

"Guy asked me out, refused to let me pay my half of anything, although i insisted. At the end of the night, i said thanks and started towards my car. He blocked my door handle and then went off on a rant about how all women are greedy gold diggers who won't reward the nice guys for a date." - u/barmaid

The freakout.

Everything seemed great about a nice guy this girl met until she went away for the weekend to visit her family.

He ended up texting her in all caps that she was being a tease and not making him a priority.

The clinger.

"I dated a guy in college who was a 'nice guy.' Opened all doors and car doors for me, walked me to my car when it was late, and all that jazz. We ended up dating for like four months, I think. The crazy slowly leaked out though, and I broke up with him. He lost it, and ended up on his knees asking to get back together while I was folding laundry in the dorm laundry room, not to mention the several times he showed up at my dorm. Had to go to campus police before he left me alone." - u/tizzydally

The crutch.

"A random guy held my crutches for me as I walked down some stairs at university. He seemed nice and joked about how he once broke a foot, it'll get better, etc. We get to the bottom and he asks if we could get some coffee. I thank him, but tell him I'm seeing someone so he just drops my crutches on the floor and walks away." -u/Montastic