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Plus-Sized Women Are Embracing Their Bodies On TikTok For Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit season is about to look a whole lot different this summer.

Plus-size women on TikTok are taking back their bodies from society by forgoing oversized clothes and wearing what they want to the beach or pool.

Did we mention that they look AH-MAZING doing it?! You gotta come check it out for yourself.

This body-positivity trend was started by Randi Bosin, who goes by the name @MrsBosin on TikTok.

In her video, which now has over 956k likes, she began by sharing the type of outfit she wore to the beach/pool for most of her adult life.

You could see how sad and uncomfortable she looked.

"I was ashamed because society says big isn't beautiful," it read as the video showed her trying to hide her face.

Then, in the coolest transition ever, the video cut to show her looking hella fierce in a two-piece bathing suit, strappy sandals, and a kimono.

People LOVED the video, which was captioned, "Im a damn Queen and so are you," with a crown emoji. "Put the suit on babe!"

"Gahhhh you're gorgeous," complimented one user. "100000x better in the suit babeeee wow!!!!!" added another. The difference in her confidence was pretty astonishing.

Some pointed out the irony of her looking thinner in the bikini than the cover-up.

Randi, who affiliates for an online boutique, also spoke with Insider about how her self-love journey wasn't always easy.

"I was in a bad place 10 years ago after having two babies. I was not amused by my body, my lack of motivation and metabolism," she said.

"But I always tell people that the self-love journey is long and it's never-ending. I'm not always confident every single day, but I'm still here."

You go, girl!

Given how inspiring Bosin's video was, it didn't take long for other plus-size women on the app to follow suit.

TikTok user, @jaci_dayne, started her video off in a similar way: in shorts and a baggy t-shirt.

She wore the same uncomfortable expression that comes from denying your true self.

"What you think plus size women should be wearing this summer," she wrote. Her transition was fierce: she changed into a gorgeous leopard and floral two-piece.

"girl omg purrrr," one user commented.

"Nope everyone else can go home now cuz you just killed this trend," added another. So many people admired her confidence. It was a total 360 from the version of herself in the baggy clothes.

"Damn I wish I had that much confidence," commented this user.

User @pressedbysativa also killed the game.

She started out in a similar fashion with shorts and a t-shirt, along with the words, "I was super self conscious to get out of the water/pool in front of everyone."

From there, she transitioned into a strappy technicolor swimsuit. "I will NEVER wear basketball shorts and a big T to the pool/beach again."

Bosin shared the impact her viral video has made on herself and others.

"I just wanted to inspire women to wear bikinis and now I'm just inspiring women to live their lives essentially," Bosin told Insider.

She added that she's received so many messages from women who were ready to "give up on life" before finding her video.

While Bosin has become an inspiration for other plus-size women, her own inspiration comes from singer Lizzo.

"Her music is so much about self-love and self-worth," Bosin said. "She's my hype station. I tell all the girls following me you got to get up in the morning and you got to hype yourself up."

The singer recently declared on Instagram that this summer is "big girl summer."

And with Lizzo being an active user on TikTok, we'd love to see her join the trend and show the world how she embraces her body for swimsuit season!

For now, check out Randi's full video!