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People Are Sharing Their Unpopular Opinions About Dating

When it comes to dating, there are a ton of "unspoken rules" that people swear by. While some are more common and well known, others are less popular amongst the masses. However, there are some people who have some unpopular dating rules that they live by, and it totally works for them.

After reading other's opinions about dating should and should not, some of them actually are pretty solid and true.

Everything should be split evenly.

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Money is important to discuss.

"Unless it's a special occasion or somebody's birthday, the cost of dates should always be split evenly — regardless of who asked who out," one person said about going out to dinner and on dates.

Marriage is a hoax.

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One person shared that they don't understand the concept of marriage today, as legally binding yourself to someone seems to be dated and "out of touch" with modern society and individuals.

"I guess I just don't understand why it's even necessary anymore."

Love is a choice and a job you have to work at.

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"Love is a choice you make every day, and if you keep choosing each other (which you should, barring abuse or other extreme circumstances), you'll have a marriage that'll last a lifetime," said one person about falling out of love and making love last.

Move at your own speed.

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Another shared that they don't believe in "moving fast" or "moving slow."

Some people like to move in with each other right away, while others take their time. There is no "universal relationship" timeline to say who does what, every relationship is different and unique.

The physical stuff matters.

"It's perfectly valid to end it with someone if your needs aren't being met physically. It’s not wrong to want or expect sex from your partner, as long as that’s something you both value. There’s nothing inherently wrong with valuing sex," one person shared.

The "talking" stage is stupid.

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One user called out the new age "talking stage" saying it's dumb and useless.

If you are both interested in each other and want to date, why waste all that time "talking" and seeing other people. Just date and see where it goes.

Relationships shouldn't be work all of the time.

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"So many songs and movies glorify the fiery, passionate lovers that fight all the time and make things hard for each other. Honestly, in real life, that gets tiring real fast," said one person, who doesn't believe in the "constant fighting and compromising."

Even in a relationship, you should be independent.

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Another person chimed in and said that being in a relationship shouldn't mean being codependent.

In fact, they feel that the healthiest relationships are ones where the people in them are still independent and have their own things and life outside of the relationship.

People should actually change for their partner.

"People really hate the idea of changing for someone, but it's an opportunity to unlearn some toxic behavior and become better alongside the person you love," said one person, who believes changing for your partner is healthy and right.

Wait at least 6 months to have sex with your partner.

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One person chimed in saying that you should wait at least 6 months to have sex with your partner so that you can develop a deeper emotional connection before sleeping with each other.

"When you do have sex, it’ll be an experience that deepens those emotions and connections."

Ghosting people you're not serious with is fine.

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One individual said that ghosting people you're casual with and not in an actual relationship with is totally fine.

Some people think ghosting is disrespectful, but this person feels as long as it's not "serious," who cares if you ghost them?

Don't date someone you've been "crushing on."

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"Don't date someone you have been crushing on for a long time. You're more likely infatuated with the idea of a relationship with that person instead of the actual person," said one person, who feels like the "idea" of someone may ruin the actual person for you.

Having different political views is totally fine.

Some people believe that if you two are not on the same side of politics, it totally cannot work.

But, this person said that just because you have different political views, doesn't mean you're not each other's "end game." It's all about respecting differences in views and opinions.

Make sure you both have the same definition of "cheating."

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One person pointed out that people can have different definitions of cheating and it's important to discuss this before you get serious.

Some may think it's only physical, while others may think emotional connections are cheating, too. Others view pornography as cheating, as well.

If you bad mouth your partner, it's basically over.

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"I get hate for always saying 'break up with them' when people complain about their partner. They’re obviously not happy if they feel the need to talk about them behind their back," one person mentioned on the thread.