Carve Mushrooms Into Edible Skulls To Add Some Freaky Fungi To Your Recipes

Okay, I think I might've mentioned to you before that I'm a bit of a foodie. I love to cook, and I especially like to come up with delicious and visually pleasant-looking dishes.

So, when I first heard about this odd idea of turning mushrooms into edible skulls, I was like, "What?" Ha, ha! Hold the presses, and let's see what this is all about.

Who here is a fan of pizzas and flatbreads?

Unsplash | Davey Gravy

I absolutely love them. And mushrooms are always one of my favorite toppings that I put on both of these. But, why just use plain-looking mushrooms when you can do better. Am I right?

Get this!

Unsplash | Waldemar Brandt

As it turns out, people are using regular mushrooms and turning them into funky-looking skulls instead. I can totally get behind that idea because I adore skulls already. So for me, this is a total no-brainer, ha, ha! So let's do it.

I know what you're thinking.

How do you make skulls out of mushrooms? Well, it's pretty easy. All you need to do is poke some holes for the eyes and then get creative to make the rest of the face.

Oh my goodness, I can't believe I haven't thought of doing that myself.

It is such a brilliant idea. Isn't it? Yes, it's going to take you more time, but the result is worth it. Imagine blowing your friends' minds away at your next Halloween party?

If somebody handed me this to eat, I would be like, "Yes, please!"

And I'm pretty sure that would be your reaction, too, unless you don't like mushrooms. In that case, I don't know what's wrong with you. I'm just kidding, of course.

Even though it would be more time-consuming to craft these skulls out of mushrooms, I think it would be so fun.

Don't you? You can even get your kids to get in on the action. Get them to put their creative skills to work, ha, ha!

Once they're ready, just slap them on your pizza or flatbread, and into the oven they go.

When these mushrooms come out, they will not only be delicious but fun to look at, too. And, hey, take a picture of your masterwork and share it with the rest of us, okay?

You can even use these mushrooms in a sauté.

I don't see why not, eh? Don't they look finger-licking good here? Oh my gosh, this is making me hungry as we speak. Thank goodness I have some mushrooms in my fridge.

So, are you giving these skull mushrooms your seal of approval or not?

Unsplash | Andrew Ridley

I think it's such a cute idea. I'm going to attempt to make these next time we make pizza or a flatbread. And I hope they'll turn out great.