Unsplash | Haneen Krimly

Woman Bored Of Cement Gives Her Porch A Complete Stencil Makeover

Aside from the front yard, a porch is the first impression people have of our house when coming over. Whether it's a gathering place for chats with friends or simply the threshold people pass over when entering your home, it's nice to make it feel welcoming.

Feeling like her own porch was lacking in the charm department, crafty DIYer Anne J. Damond Sischo decided to give it a little makeover.

Front Porch: Before

Old, dingy, and full of cracks, Sishco's front porch was sorely in need of some love. Presenting a bit of a tripping hazard, the old cement had seen its last days and needed to be filled. Pulling out her knee pad and setting to work, Sishco began to cover the surface with a new layer of cement.

Front Porch: After

Testing out a stencil for the first time, Sischo went for a lovely tile mosaic look. Contrasting the light cement base with vibrant red paint, the interlocking design absolutely pops with vibrancy. Decorated with a few potted plants, the fabulous transformation took the porch from drab to fab; the perfect place to welcome her guests.

Back Porch: Before

Running into the same problem with the porch in her backyard, Sischo cleaned off the backyard cement and gave it a fresh new coat. Filling the cracks and covering the old stains, she laid down the new cement and left it to settle.

Back Porch: After

Stencilling the back porch just like the front, Sischo even added a vibrant red trim around the stair edges. Adding contrast and pop to the final appearance, her back porch transformation is just as lovely as the first.

What do you think of Sischo's cement porch makeover? Does it give you ideas for your next DIY project? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!