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Woman Documents Porch Visit From Mama Bobcat And Five Playful Kittens

When this woman woke up to a magical gift on her front porch, she did what all of us would do and tried to record it. Luckily for her, her subjects were happy to model!

An encounter like this isn't one any of us expect to have.

Facebook | Kathy Maniscalco

Being this close to this type of wildlife is a rare occurrence, even rarer still to come away unharmed or without spooking the animal. For Kathy Maniscalco, it was a stroke of luck that this bobcat family chose her porch to relax on.

A momma and five babies spent a while visiting, showing off all their kitten cuteness!

Facebook | Kathy Maniscalco

Not only did they lounge around, but they got a good amount of play and exploration in, as well as meal time with their mom.

She spoke about her time watching the kittens in a phone interview with KOB4, expressing her shock.

Facebook | Kathy Maniscalco

“Oh, lo and behold there were babies, babies that were having their milk snack. I thought, ‘Oh this is just too good to be true! What a gift!’ So I just kept recording little video clips and they stopped feeding then they started, in another video that I posted, they started playing. [...] We got to see their beautiful spotted tummies and the momma cleaning them and it was just so amazing."

Not to mention her awe at how relaxed they were.

Facebook | Kathy Maniscalco

Though in one video the mother does hiss, it seems to be more of a gentle warning than anything seeing as Kathy's presence was generally ignored.

"I couldn’t believe my eyes because I was literally six inches away from them," she said, "They did not mind at all my iPhone recording them.”

In one of her posts, she considers turning one of the photos into a painting!

Seeing as she's a fantastic artist, I think she'd knock it out of the park, and it'd be a beautiful homage of a magical moment!

"[...] they were so at peace," she said, "And I thought, 'This is a message maybe for all of us just to relax'."

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