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Welcome Mats That Really Know How To Make Your Guests Smile

Sometimes, it's nice to give people an idea of what to expect before entering your home. Maybe it's someone new coming over for the first time, or maybe it's the same friend who's been barging in and stealing food from your fridge for 20 years. Either way, it's nice to give people a bit of a laugh.

Instead of buying a doormat that just says "welcome" like all the rest, why not use one that has a little more personality?

A friendly warning:

kayladm | Etsy

It's nice to know who you are. Your family is loud, rambunctious, and constantly teetering on the edge of an explosion. They're your crazy mess, and you love them. But sometimes it's nice to give people a heads up. WandNDesigns' welcome mat has got you covered.

The world's most frequently asked question:

krbdunne79 | Etsy

Tiger King was the tv phenomenon of the last year and it's left the majority of society musing over one question: did Carole kill her husband? Brighten your delivery agent's day by setting up an interactive package drop spot! Put the unanswered question to the test with ShopJosieB's lighthearted welcome mat design.

Making use of your guests:

Tracey Wright Owens | Facebook

Gardening season is in full swing, so why not make use of your house guests? LuckyChu's welcome mat says it best. Most often you may just get a chuckle, but on the off chance you get some free labor out of it, it's worth a shot, right?

Buttering up the hosts:

Nicole | Etsy

A mat after my own heart, Hamlin Row Shop's design ensures everyone who comes to your house is putting their best foot forward (by spoiling the hosts).

If you were to have a welcome mat that fully encompassed the vibe of your home, what would it say? Let us know in Facebook comments!