Pop-Up Porch Sets Up In Minutes For Fun In The Sun

When the weather starts warming up, there's nothing like sitting on the porch with a nice beverage and good company. However, those without porches often miss out on such festivities. Luckily, things are about to change with these adorable pop-up porches that only take a few minutes to have you ready for some fun in the sun.

These pop-up porches are screened-in.

Formally called the Alvantor Screen House Room Outdoor Camping Tent Gazebo, these patios keep people protected from bugs and some adverse weather with their 4-10 screens. They have the perfect built-in shield to guard your furniture and your friends.

They come in several sizes depending on your needs.

These work well for those with both larger spaces and more compact spaces. The range of sizes makes these pop-up patios a total win with one that fits two-three adults, one for four-six adults, another for eight-10, and finally, one for 12-15 adults.

They're easy to set up.

These pop-up patios are easy to assemble, as the screens unfold and fit into place almost effortlessly. Plus, after you fold them back up they're super compact and easy to carry and store. So, if you want to add a patio for your next glamping trip, these can't be beat.

They are not waterproof.

While the screens can guard from some pests and even the intensity of the sun, they're not waterproof. If left out during a rainy day or sprayed down with water, they will be damaged.

These pop-up patios are available on Amazon ranging from around $105 to $420 depending on the size you select. Let us know in the comment that you think of these pop-up patios and if you plan to add one to your summer festivities.

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